About our website

Welcome to our website.NYMBO White Rose Start 2005

The NYMBO website aims to make it easier for everyone who takes part in our events to  get information easily and make contributions if they wish.

The homepage is updated with all the news articles in date order and other sections contain results and event details, plus links to BMBO for online entry. You may see a box on the homepage that says “Follow” – if you put your email address in here you’ll get an automatic email when the site is updated.

For every post, you can make your own contribution by using the ‘comments’ boxes. Please add your own race reports to the ones that we publish or any other feedback about the pages. You have to identify yourself to comments so we can ensure authentic posts. This can be through your Twitter or Facebook identification, or your email address – your email address won’t be published anywhere.

For people who use Twitter  you can follow us at @NYMBO, and our Facebook page is here. We use Twitter and Facebook for short updates and to notify when the website is updated. You’ll also see the most recent Twitter update on the web home page. This will be useful for late updates – such as the February 2013 when the event was cancelled because of icy roads!!

All feedback or ideas for content are welcome using the contact us page

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