Thornton Watlass Report

Thanks to Steve Willis for planning an excellent event yesterday and ensuring the weather stayed fine! here’s his report. I’ll update this post with the MapRun results link as soon as I get it.

Thanks to Tim Evans for an excellent map and advising riders about Maprun at Registration; Dave Robertson for looking after the Start; and Vicky and all of the staff at the Buck Inn for a very warm welcome as well as delicious food served very quickly.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning the course as usual as it gave me a good excuse to ride in this lovely gentle countryside not far from my doorstep. It was even better last week when the bridleways were even firmer and the hedges hadn’t been cut! It was disappointing that so many of you had to repair multiple punctures.

Controls 4 and 9 were the wrong way round on the map so some scores will need adjusting.

It was great to see 62 riders at a winter event and congratulations to the winners. Martin Edwards rode an impressive 55k and visited all but 4 of the 30 controls to score 490 points and win overall. John Dixon marked his first competitive ride for a few months to beat all the other Veteran Gents. Claire Riley rode solo to outscore the other Ladies. Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon won the Mixed class while Laura & Jeff Barber won the Generation class again.
Hope to see as many of you at our next event on February 12th at Wheldrake
Take care and stay healthy
Steve Willis

Next event – 2 hours at Thornton Watlass – Saturday 22nd January

It’s just over a week until our first event of 2022 – Saturday 22nd January at Thornton Watlass.

Online entry is open until midnight Thursday 2oth – click here to enter

Don’t forget, these events are usingMapRun. If you’re using a smartphone, don’t forget to load the course onto the phone at home; if you’re using a smartwatch or Garmin, you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start. Please do this just before the event so you get the correct version.

The controls have been set so you can ride straight through them, if you are sure you are in the correct place and you don’t hear it please continue to the next control rather than stopping in the middle of the road. There are some new tweaks you can do on maprun and we have added these to the FAQ so you can make the ‘ping’ louder and use a different tone.

Please sign in at Registration outside the pub and collect your Description sheet as well as the Pin number. Load the number into your phone, collect a map and ride to the Start at the SW corner of the village green.

We are only using 4 of the bridleways on the map and they were all rideable last week. This is a pleasant undulating area with lots of quiet country lanes and pretty villages for you to enjoy. Please be careful crossing the A684 at the marked crossing points
The Finish is next to the banner in the car park behind the pub

Course map: 20220122-ThortonWatlassCourse

Squinting Cat Race Report & finalised results

Almscliff Crag at control #9

Almscliff Crag at control #9

A very late report on the 11th December race from the Squinting Cat at Harrogate. I ordered the maps based on a few more entering after lunchtime on the Thursday and luckily ordered 60 as by the time entries closed at 23:59 we had 60 entrants.  52 of you entered on the day and seemed to go on numerous routes. Top 3 finishes were Ian Furlong with 429 points who rode 37km, Simon Coiley on 389 points who rode 35.5km and Carrick Armer on 385 points who rode 33.7 km. Other category winners were David Day in the Male 0ver 60 class who was a very credible 5th with 359 points who rode 33.5 km. Top Mixed pairs were Lois and Adrian Parker who scored 350 points and rode 31.6km . First Lady was Sue Booth on 309 points who rode 32,9km and top generation team were Jeffrey and Laura Booth who rode with Mieszko Lichtarowicz they scored 307 points and rode 30,7 km .

Full routes and scores are on the maprun portal here .

Thank you for all your feedback and comments and I hope you all enjoyed your ride. I enjoyed planning my first maprun winter event, no longer did I need to find obscure clues although I did leave a post box in for those who read the clues, you simply decide you need a control in that location and place it , this means that when I realised the event was too large I could easily move some of the controls to make it more compact.

I was surprised less of you visited the outlying controls 8 and 22 as I suspect they would have been quicker route between 27 and 21 and got you 5 more points , similarly I think 28 to 11 may  have been faster via 7 as given the recent rain some of the tracks were much slower.  In hindsight I think the urban bits round Harrogate probably favoured the local riders a bit much  although there is no excuse for going down the wrong road at Pannal Ash Roundabout which at least 2 riders did I won’t embarrass them by naming them., but it meant they picked up 15 first.

We had very few problems with Maprun which is good to see, a couple of controls were not picked up but the riders had clearly gone towards them and increasing the search radius from 30m to 60m meant the system recognised them.

Thanks to Bridget for manning the registration for me and Dave Robertson for his excellent web work and e-mail production, and the staff at the pub for their warm welcome.

I hope you all have everything planned for Christmas and New Year and we look forward to hopefully seeing you at our next event on the 22nd January from the Buck in in Thornton Watlass, Steve has already planned an excellent event for you.  This will be followed by a February event near York and a March event in deepest West Yorkshire planned by Tony Thornley.

We are starting to produce a plan of events for the Summer 2022 series  so if you want to have a go at planning all you need to do is find an area, a start venue such as the village hall and get planning , you can use Maprun or SI the choice is yours , please get in contact via the website so we can hopefully have a full year of events, and build on the success that we managed to make from 2021

Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year


Harrogate Control map & Provisional results

Hopefully everyone had a great ride today, and at least the rain held off until everyone was back. The draft results from today’s event are here .

Tim has a note of penalties, and is making the adjustments but if you spot any controls missing from your score or any oether issues please get in touch!

The control map is below, Tim’s race report and finalised results to follow shortly.

11 Dec 2021 Control Map



Saturday 11th December – Harrogate Winter Event – enter online by midnight Thursday 9th

Our next winter event is approaching, and this time it’s based at The Squinting Cat in Harrogate on Saturday 11th December. It’s a 2 hour event, and you can enter online anytime until midnight Thursday 9th.

Online Entry

Registration: 0915 – 1015
Starts: 0930 – 1030

Venue: The Squinting Cat, Whinney Lane Lund House Green HG3 1QE – full details, directions and menu are on the website

The course will use the roads, tracks and bridleways to the west of Harrogate, they are still riding fairly well although some are getting a bit softer, a couple of the worst tracks have been improved since Feb 2019 when we last used the area.

Event mapRun QR code

Event mapRun QR code

The event will use MapRun. If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto the phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start. Please do this just before the event so you get the correct version. The controls have been set so you can ride straight through them, if you are sure you are in the correct place and you don’t hear it please continue to the next control rather than stopping in the middle of the road, there are some new tweaks you can do on maprun and we have added these to the FAQ so you can make the ‘ping’ louder and use a different tone

The blank map for the event is here:

Ripon results, control map and report

An excellent course planned by David Day this weekend. here’s his report, the results and a copy of the control map. Please get in touch if you spot any problems with your result. Category winners get free entry to the next event – at the Squinting Cat, Harrogate on December 11th.

You can also look at the Maprun results and peoples tracks via the MapRun webportal here , the PIN code is 6193, this links into Routegadget and you can have some fun watching different routes as well as seeing which route was fastest

Ripon results (v2)

What brilliant weather for mid November, well over 50 riders took part in the Ripon event from the South Lodge pub.

The area is split by the busy A61, I tried to encourage riders to use the safest crossing points on it. The E side is mostly flattish roads and scored 290 points; the W side is hillier and includes some bridleways scoring 235 points. I had avoided what would have been muddier BWs but in fact most of them would have been OK.

The pub changed hands a few weeks ago, when I called in to remind them of the event I was told they had no kitchen but could serve sandwiches & chips. Apologies for anyone whose food was delayed, I think we overwhelmed them!

The overall winner was M40 Robert Mawer on 515, he nearly cleaned up but somehow failed to cycle 250m to pick up #9 and had a minute to spare. Second was M50 Tim Evans on 447 followed by M21 Chris Dodd on 437. Vets are now M60+, easily won by M70 Steve Willis on 405. The performance of the day must be GEN Laura Barber who took a week off competitive rock climbing to amass 430, the highest score of any lady with father Jeffrey. W50 Jill Ellison scored 389 on the tandem with Conrad, next was W40 Claire Riley on 362.

MapRun: There were very few snags with MapRun/phones/smartwatches today; there was an incidence of some phones going into battery saving mode during the event but they still recorded the track. I am told that this can be prevented by setting the phone not to go to sleep whilst using MapRun App. Generally though there were less & less problems, riders are getting the hang of the technology. We tried to reduce clutter on the map by only putting the control numbers on it, leaving off the points values, did this cause any problems for riders?

Lost property: 1 pair black men’s gloves – contact planner David Day

13 Nov 2021 – control map

Blank course map for Ripon now available | Online entry closes midnight Thursday 11th

*** Updates (Thursday 11th) ***

  • The Course Map is available to download on Maprun 6 – follow UK | North Yorkshire | NYMBO | South Lodge 92021 (that should then show up under the “Select Event” button or use the QR code
  • Food orders for the pub will be taken before you set off riding. The pub menu is here. Any advance orders or pub queries contact details here


The first event of Winter Series is in Ripon on Saturday November 12th.

Online entry open now – closes midnight Thursday

NYMBO Winter 2021-22 v2

Registration: 0915 – 1015
Starts: 0930 – 1030

Venue: South Lodge pub, Harrogate Road, Ripon. HG4 1ST. The pub has a large car park, if it is full please park on Whitcliffe Lane opposite the pub. Toilets are available in the pub on arrival, please order food from the menu before riding.

The competition area consists of complex minor roads with some good bridleways; the busy A61 bisects the area, most of it is OOB but the safest places to cross will be identified on the map.

If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto the phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start. The finish is at the E side of the car park, away from Harrogate Road in case you pass the pub before you finish.

map updated Tuesday 9th – now with special note about a slimy lane!

Winters Events Update – next event at Ripon on Saturday 13th November

There are 5 events planned for our winter league, and the first one is in Ripon on Saturday 13th November. Online entry open now.

Winter FlierThere will be five events, as follows:

  • 13th November – South Lodge, nr Ripon
  • 11th December – Harrogate
  • 22nd January – Thornton Watlass
  • February – TBC Knaresborough or York
  • 12 March – Cullingworth nr Keighley

Full details in the flier-NYMBO Winter 2021-22 v3– which will be updated as the events are confirmed

A few things to note about the winter series:

  • All events will be online entry only with no entry on the day. This has worked really well over the past year, so we will keep this in place. It really helps to have contact details for everyone in case of late changes or if the venue needs to know who attended.
  • Online entry deadline is midnight Thursday to guarantee a map. We’ve extended this by an extra day as there’s no entry on the day.
  • No specific start times – we did this last winter as a result of pandemic rules, but we won’t do that this winter. Start time is anytime between 0930 – 1030.
  • All events will use MapRun – this has worked reasonably well over the summer and offer more versatility for winter events rather than the treasure hunt format (although it is a little sad to see that go aftre all these years). Please get in touch if that presents a problem and we’ll try to help (We will have a spare phone available). Some events may also have treasure hunt clues as well

MapRunwe’ve created a new MapRun FAQ page – this consolidates all the information from over the summer and hopefully answers all the key opints. If something is missing, or isn’t clear, please leave a comment on the page.

Feedback always welcome, hope to see you at one of the winter events!