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Next event: Riddlesden Saturday 1st April 2023 – course map & event details

Our next event is on April 1st (this is not an April Fool!) – Tony has done an excellent preparing for this event, so there are comprehensive event details below.

This event will be using manual entry (hopefully online entry will be working for the following event) so please reserve your map and advance food order here, and then pay by bank transfer or with the correct cash on the day. Entry Form

Parking – There is good parking at the Airedale Heifer BD20 5LY which is the start/finish. However the pub gets busy at lunchtime and if you are not intending to eat at the pub and are likely to finish after 1230 please park on the road outside the pub. This is quite busy, but is wide and has extensive car spaces on the North side of the road. Take care when crossing!

Toilets – there are toilets in the pub which should be open from just before 9.00. Please don’t wear muddy shoes/boots in the pub.

Food – the pub has an extensive menu (see below) There is no need to order food in advance, but if you let me know when registering that you intend to eat, I will let Susie know.

MapRun –  if you’re using the MapRun app on your phone make sure it’s MapRun6, and don’t forget to download the event in advance (folder is UK:North Yorkshire:NYMBO: RIddlesden) – updated FAQ here.The MapRun map is the competition map but the resolution is not as good as the printed map, although all the controls are in the right place. They have all been checked for accuracy, but if you go past them at very high speed they may not register.

Start/Finish – You can register from 0850-1000 and start from 0915-1015. The time limit is 3 hours with the usual penalties. There are no pre-assigned start times; first come, first served. At the start you will get a printed map with all the controls and descriptions on. The start is where the pub tarmac joins the main road, but as we have set the control range at 30m, it is likely to start you as soon as you tap ‘go to start’. So, when told to start, and not before, tap ‘Go To Start’ on MapRun and it should bleep when the GPS finds you at the start. You will be timed from that point. The finish is in the car park. I cannot see why anyone would cycle back past the start until they want to finish, but if you do MapRun is quite likely to end your run. We will try to make adjustments at the end if anything goes wrong. A Strava track of your route would be good evidence and can be uploaded to MapRun manually.

Course map – the blank course maps are below (Full map, Ilkley Moor map). The main map is 1:40000, adapted from the 50000 OS and 290x255mm. It is marked with the usual 30 controls with points values between 5 and 30. Unusually we are also providing a separate, large scale (1:15000) map of Ilkley Moor which those of you who choose to visit the wilds of Wharfedale may find useful.

Safety – this event has more busy roads than the usual NYMBO event. These are clearly shown on the map, with the AIRE valley relief road marked as out of bounds. We urge you to take great care:

• On leaving the start and returning to the finish

• At road junctions.

• On the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath. There are likely to be many pedestrians and dogs who have priority. Please bring and use a bell.

• If the weather is poor carry/wear a good outer layer. Some controls are 300-400m up on exposed moorland.

You must report to the finish. There is an emergency contact number on the map.

Terrain – It’s hilly. The rideability of the bridleways is mostly ok and is shown on the map – see the legend – but these are very weather and ride dependent. You can go anywhere on Ilkley Moor, but it is boggy in some places and navigation can be tricky. Please give way to any walkers you come across.

Blank course map
Ilkley Moor Map Insert

Hampsthwaite report & results

Here is Simon’s report for last Saturday’s Hampsthwaite event – thanks to Simon Coiley for organising this one. A little later in posting thank we would usually like, sorry about that!

Now updated with control map (and Galphay also added)

MapRun results are here – do get in touch with any corrections

It was great to see over 50 riders on a chilly but thankfully mainly dry morning at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall. Even better were the many smiling faces on their return. I do believe some who ventured higher up did get to enjoy some sleet though!
Thank you for the many positive comments at the finish.

I had really enjoyed my pIanning rides on steadily drying bridleways. I still tried to place plenty of points on the local network of roads, just in case the weather didn’t behave, whilst also giving plenty of route options further afield.

Looking at the maprun tracks, there was a good spread of routes in both main
directions from the village. I’m sure you all discovered the deceptive amount of
climbing whichever direction you chose! On this occasion it was Nuno Cerqueira that
triumphed in his ding dong battle with Martin Edwards for overall winter honours with
both now on two victories. Nuno chose a clockwise route around the whole perimeter
of the map only leaving the three controls along the river Nidd near Birstwith and
control 13 at Hartwith.

  • Congratulations to all the category winners:
  • M – Nuno Cerqueira – 471 points
  • W – Claire Riley – 326
  • MV60 – Steve Collins – 378
  •  Youth – Mieszko Lichtarowisz & James Harrison – 302
  • Gen – Jeffrey & Laura Barber – 290
  • Mix – Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon – 289

Thanks to Rebecca and the team at the Joiners Arms for the warm welcome and
food afterwards.

Massive thanks to Tim Evans for his help and patience with the mapping and also
manning registration. Big thanks also to Dave Robertson for sorting the entries, food
orders and web postings. We should hopefully have the Bmbo entry system back up
and running for the next event.

Control map

25 February 2023 – control map


Hampsthwaite entry and start location

The MapRun course is now available for Saturday’s event – please do this before you set off.

The entry list for the event is here

If you think you have entered and are not listed please get in touch!

Finally, if you would like food from the pub but haven’t ordered, please help the pub out by dropping Simon an email with your advance order asap. MENU HERE


Next Saturday 25th February – Hampsthwaite Event – course map and entry details –>

Event centre will be Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall, HG3 2EJ

Registration: 0900 – 1015 | Starts: 0930 – 1030 | 2 hour time limit

Event will use minor roads and bridleways in the lower Nidderdale valley, Simon hastried to avoid the softest bridleways!

Refreshments and food available after at The Joiners Arms (menu here). If possible please let the pub know food selections in advance by Thursday. Joiners Arms, High Street, Hampsthwaite. 

PARKING: Please park in the pub car park or Memorial hall. Please park considerately at the hall as we are sharing it with another function.

ENTRY: please reserve your map by completing our manual entry form here . Included your food order if required please!

Either pay cash on the day at registration; or send us a bank transfer (details will be provided when you complete the entry form). We will manually load you entry onto BMBO, you can check to make sure you’ve been added here.

25 Feb 2023 - course map

25 Feb 2023 – course map

Galphay Event Report & results **updated**

Control 29

Blue skies at Control 29

Galphay Report

Now updated with control map

Almost 50 riders descended on the gloriously sunny but cold village of Galphay for NYMBO’s latest MapRun event although those that ventured into the SE corner found Ripon shrouded in fog. The frozen ground improved what would otherwise have been muddy BWs. The intricacies of MapRun are obviously being mastered by NYMBO riders – all of them are showing in the results although there will have to be some manual adjustments where riders are more than 5 minutes late. Nearly all tracks are visible on MapRun to enable riders to compare their routes, if yours is missing please try to upload onto MapRun [try saving your track as a GPX file & uploading this onto MapRun].

The maximum distance covered was 51km & there was a great variation of route choice; all controls were visited. 8 riders managed more than 8 points per kilometre ridden but top of this list was Jemima Parker with 8.97 pts/km.

Winners at Galphay were:

  • M: Martin Edwards = 396
  • MVet60: Paul Dobson = 310
  • W: Claire Riley = 276
  • MIX: Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon = 256
  • GEN & Youth: Miesko Lichtarowicz & James Harrison with Isaac Pressley = 265

Our thanks to The Galphay Inn & host Chris for hosting & feeding us after the event, we did fill the pub! Also thanks to Tom Simpson for recovering a Garmin bike computer mistakenly left on a wall by another rider. Due to the BMBO payment system not being operational a lot of work prior to the event was done by Tim Evans & Dave Robertson, and on the day Tim did a great job on registration – thank you both for making my planner’s work much easier.

If you did not pay on the day or carry out a bank transfer please do this ASAP.

David Day Planner


The unadjusted MapRun results for Saturday can be found here where you can follow the tracks fo other riders.

The consolidated final results adjusted for penalties and showing the category winners are here – Galphay Results – please check back to make sure your results are correct and get in touch with any issues. The control map will be available too

Next event is on February 25th at Hampsthwaite
details will be sent out in mid February

control map

21 January 2023 Control map

Event details for Galphay on Saturday – MapRun download now available

A good number of people riding on Saturday which is great to see – don’t forget your exact money if you’re paying on the day. Bank transfer details will be sent by email on Friday mornig if you’ve not had them yet.

Email an advance food order if you wish see menu in the original event post

MapRun download is ready, you can use th QR code or navigate through the folders:

SELECT EVENT: UK – North Yorkshire – NYMBO – Winter 2022 – NYMBO Galphay

qr codePlan of the start/finish is below riders need to note that once handed the map they are expected to go straight to the start not loiter around.

The finish is on a road close to the pub but that you are very unlikely to pass during the race NOT at the pub, The map is clear.

** updated** First event of 2023 – course map now available for Saturday 21st at Galphay

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully your key resolution for 2023 is to ride a few more NYMBO events!!

We start this year with another of our two hour Winter Series events, this time at Galphay Moors, organised by David Day.

Event centre is The Galphay Inn, HG4 3NJ

We will be using the minor roads around Galphay & some hard surface bridleways, there will always be an option to avoid softer areas. 2 map notes that are important – a deep ford with a cobble bottom can be found at the west of the area, don’t try to go through; there is a door in the N wall of Studley Deer Park which can be used by bikes, both these are marked on the map. Take care on the B road runs through the south part of the map

Car parking: There is no car park of any size at the pub, please park tidily in the village with respect for residents.

Food is available at the pub, it will help the pub if we let them know our food selections in advance. The menu is below – if you’ve already entered please drop an email with your selection; otherwise please include your choice on the entry form.

Reserve your map using the web form here (deadline Thursday 19th)

The BMBO online entry system is still being fixed for payments, so please either complete a bank transfer (details will be sent separately if you don’t have them), or pay cash on the day (correct amount appreciated)

Event course map

21st January course map

Galphay Inn Lunch Menu

Richmond results and report

MapRun results and tracks from todays event

Thanks to the 17 riders who braved the weather forecast and were rewarded with a glorious day either side of the River Swale. It’s a pity there weren’t more riders because the tracks were all dry and the sun shone all morning. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed planning the event and decided to make use of the cycle paths and rarely used bridleways around Catterick Garrison. This was a much more urban area than usual but I hope the busy roads didn’t detract from your enjoyment.

Hopefully, most of you rode the excellent track through the woods to visit 19 and 29 (sorry about the fallen tree) as well as the bridleway across Scotton Moor between 24 and 28. A few hardy souls braved the ford at 10 in Colburn village and everyone found the final climb back up to the golf club rather tough. (I have to do this regularly to get home)!!

I checked the course on my ebike riding 45km in 2:20 to visit all of the controls which was only just long enough as Nuno only missed one control although he needed and extra 10 minutes to win the Senior Mens Category. Tony was the first Veteran and he also managed to beat Angela who won the Ladies & Mixed category. Results summary attached here and the full results will be on the NYMBO site soon.
Thanks to the staff at Richmond Golf Club for making us welcome and to John Dixon for his help.
I’m writing this at 3pm and there’s thick fog across the golf course now
Hopefully the online booking system will be fixed soon and you will be able to enter via the BMBO web site for our next event at Galphay near Ripon on January 21st.
In the meantime, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023

(And thanks to Steve for organising todays event!)

Saturday’s Richmond event – entry extended

Hello everyone, as entries are a bit lower than expected for Saturday, so we’ve extended the entry deadline. Perhaps Tim’s experience today might convince you that signing up is a good plan!

Steve has planned a crackling course with much variety. Tim rode the course today in glorious sunshine , there was no mud , very little ice (the obvious puddles) and he really enjoyed the tracks through Catterick that weren’t the tarmac cycle paths he was expecting , we have lots of spare maps but please enter using this form on the NYMBO site and we will add you to the BMBO entry list (as this simplifies admin on the day). WE will accept Entry on the day, but in advance makes Steve’s admin easier.

Richmond this Saturday – MapRun QR code & access

Here’s the MapRun QR code to download the course map for Saturday (remember it’s PIN a protected until 9am so you won’t be able to view it). You can also find it be navigating to the NYMBO folder (see pathway in previous post)

Please reserve a map by Thursday and either pay on the day or by bank transfer (we’ll send bank details separately)

Entry Form

Steve has also taken some photos to help everyone get into the golf club easily, here they are in order! The MBO course start and finish are shown at the end.