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2021 League positions after 2 events

Here are the league details after our first two events – thanks to John Dixon for sorting this out.

League 2021
Event 1
22 May
Event 2
12 June
Y18ben collins185.785.7 
Y18jake powell171.6 71.6
 GENERATION (1 < 18 & 1 > 18)    
GENjeffrey & laura barber176.076 
GENalistair + martyn broadest15.85.8 
 MALE 18 – 40    
M21ian nixon2200.0100100
M21chris dodd2165.677.288.4
M21ian furlong198.6 98.6
M21jack page166.5 66.5
M21harry dillon15.4 5.4
 FEMALE 18 < 40    
W21egg cameron154.1 54.1
 MALE 40 < 50    
M40carrick armer178.4 78.4
M40steve wilson173.0 73
M40chris edwards166.2 66.2
M40greg barton162.2 62.2
M40ian nightingale155.655.6 
 FEMALE 40 < 50    
W40rachael markham147.3 47.3
W40carmen elphick130.730.7 
 MALE 50 < 60    
M50andy conn2198.110098.1
M50tim evans2172.684.887.8
M50david collins2155.268.786.5
M50richard wise2106.459.147.3
M50alan powell191.4 91.4
M50colin johnson290.958.532.4
M50oliver anderson290.958.532.4
M50mark rowley189.2 89.2
M50simon caldwell182.282.2 
M50warren mason181.1 81.1
M50neil reid178.4 78.4
M50andy windrum177.577.5 
M50simon coiley177.0 77
M50phil williams176.076 
M50steven colllins174.674.6 
M50jeff mew171.6 71.6
M50douglas nisbet165.865.8 
M50graham farrell158.558.5 
M50simon waller148.6 48.6
M50tim edwards + bryan websdale144.744.7 
M50graeme tiffany/steve wigglesworth143.2 43.2
M50graham ramsden130.730.7 
 FEMALE 50 < 60    
W50angela brand-barker2123.462.660.8
W50sarah slade2113.165.847.3
W50sue booth176.076 
W50helen bagley127.827.8 
 MALE  60 < 70    
M60tony brand-barker2124.573.151.4
M60jeff harris2112.962.950
M60john deighton284.426.358.1
M60jeff barber176.8 76.8
M60chris swift172.272.2 
M60alan kitchener171.671.6 
M60steven wood171.671.6 
M60steve wood163.5 63.5
M60robert king159.5 59.5
M60iain grant158.558.5 
M60mark kerr158.558.5 
M60john birtwistle151.4 51.4
M60johnn lebeter151.4 51.4
M60michael barnard140.940.9 
 FEMALE  60 < 70    
W60ceri williams278.526.352.2
W60susan birtwistle131.1 31.1
W60liz potterton121.921.9 
 MALE > 70    
M70steve willis2151.877.574.3
M70tony thornley164.364.3 
M70Ejohn burkinshaw162.2 62.2
 FEMALE > 70    
 MIXED 18 < 40    
 MIXED 40 < 50    
X40greg barton + claire riley148.248.2 
 MIXED 50 < 60    
X50gill + paul crane173.773.7 
X50karena hanley + keith dawson165.565.5 
 MIXED > 60    
X60andrea & steve foster2145.98164.9

Pool in Wharfedale – Event Report & Control Map

Planner’s Comments:

Thanks to all of you for coming and for the kind comments. It was good fun checking out all the bridleways (in the winter of course when at least half were deep in mud) and planning the course. The turnout was almost as good as at Markington, which was pleasing given that Pool is at the south edge of NYMBO’s usual terrain.

From a quick scan of the routes, there was no consensus about the right order to tackle the controls.  Exactly as I had hoped. Most people chose to avoid the north east and many started along the south edge, although the two sites in Danefield were strenuous and a bit harder to locate than most of the others. Ian, Ian and Andy who finished within 7 points of each other at the top used quite different strategies. Ian Nixon did by far the most cycling, but got stuck on almost the only really grotty bridleway in Stainburn Forest and finished up a bit late.

MapRun is by no means perfect but it does reduce the need to find ‘clues’ and involves no hardware in the terrain – although I did put out a couple of tapes at sites where there was no feature, in case MapRun didn’t work there. Most of the MapRun failings in the results were down to human errors, for example failing to start the App or losing a phone. And control 24, which I had failed to get to work twice, was fine for everyone. As the GPS signal seems to vary with weather as well as terrain, it may be that we need to hold our events on nice days? But there were a worrying handful of you whose GPS dropped out during the event, just as mine did at Markington. I wonder if MapRun cannot reconnect easily with a phone on a bike that is moving – on the whole – faster than with a static or slower moving phone? I think, on balance, that MapRun is here to stay for Trailquest type events, but it needs a slightly different approach to planning, and may not do for events in steep wooded terrain on wet days.

My thanks to Quentin Harding for uploading the MapRun files for me, to Tim for map printing, to Steve and Dave for managing the NYMBO website, to Cecily at Pool Memorial Hall and to Alistair Wood for all sorts of help with the event. I was going to put a control in his garden in Leathley but decided that it might be a bit too confusing. 

Tony Thornley

Provisional results from Pool – updated 13/06/21 21:41

Here are the provisional results from yesterdays event – hopefully everyone had a great ride! Tony’s noted a few issues with MapRun results – so if there’s something on the table below that’s not quite right please drop him an email ( Full report to follow later.

V2First nameSurnameClassTimePenaltiesMapRun PointsManual amendmentsTOTAL
1Ian NixonM213.17604300370
2Ian FurlongM212.5803650365
3Andy ConnM503.0673700363
4Al PowellM503.0673450338
5Mark RowleyM503.0003300330
6Christopher DoddM213.09133400327
7Tim EvansM503.05528050325
8David CollinsM503.11203400320
9Warren MasonM503.10153150300
10Carrick ArmerM403.0552950290
10Neil ReedM503.10153050290
12Simon CoileyM502.5902850285
13Jeffrey BarberM603.0112850284
14Steve WillisM703.0552800275
15Steve WilsonM403.11202900270
16Jeff MewM502.5902650265
16Jake PowellY183.14350300265
19Chris EdwardsM402.5102450245
21Steven WoodM602.5602350235
22Greg BartonM402.5502300230
22John BurkinshaweBike2.5802255230
24Angela Brand-BarkerW602.5300225225
25Robert KingM602.5002200220
26John DeightonM602.5402150215
27Egg CameronW212.2902000200
28Ceri WilliamsW603.0221950193
29John BirtwistleM602.4101900190
29Tony Brand-BarkerM602.1900190190
29John LebeterM602.3400190190
32Jeff HarrisM602.53013550185
33Simon WallerM502.52012060180
34Rachael MarkhamW402.5300175175
34Sarah SladeW502.5000175175
34Richard WiseM502.4408095175
37Graeme/Steve Tiffany/WigglesworthM503.17602200160
38Oliver AndersonM502.5101200120
40Susan BirtwistleW602.5701150115
41Harry DillonM213.24190210020
42Paul / GaryFletcher/HetheringtoneBike3.34lots22500
42David HarveyM603.32lots22500

Blank course map for next Saturday’s event now available

Online entry closes midnight Wednesday (remember, there’s no entry on the day)

Key things to know:

  • 3 hour event – again using MapRun but with a paper clues option if you prefer that (please drop an email to if you would like that option so we know how many clue sheets to print)
  • Registration 08.45 – 10.00 and starts from 09.00 – 1015.
  • Limited parking at Pool Memorial Hall LS21 1LG (but please try to depart by 1pm before the cricketers arrive)
  • Alternative parking at the White Hart LSA21 1LH if you pre-order lunch (website or call 0113 203 7862)
  • If that runs out then park south of Pool bridge near the garage

Map updated 06-Jun to higher resolution

Markington – Final Results

David Day has compiled the final results table and this matches the results on the MapRun site now too. Thanks for all the feedback on MapRun – we’ll take this into account for the second event on June 12th (there will also be a paper ‘treasure hunt’ version for this event too).

NameAgeClasstime takenscorepenaltynet scoretrack system
Ian NixonM2102:09355-13342MapRun
Christopher DoddM2102:10275-15260MapRun
ian NightingaleM4001:58190190MapRun
andy connM5002:09355-13342MapRun
Tim EvansM5002:00290290MapRun
Simon CaldwellM5002:04285-4281MapRun
Andrew WindrumM5002:06270-7263MapRun
Philip WilliamsM5002:03265-3262MapRun
Stephen CollinsM5002:05260-5255MapRun
David CollinsM5002:07240-9231MapRun
Dougie NisbetM5002:11245-20225manual MapRun
Richard WiseM5002:03205-3202MapRun
Colin JohnsonM5001:54200200MapRun
Graham FarrellM5001:55200200no track
Oliver AndersonM5001:55200200no track
Tim Edwards/Bryan Websdale M5002:02155-2153no track
Graham RamsdenM5001:55105105no track
Tony Brand-BarkerM6001:55250250MapRun
Chris SwiftM6002:03250-3247manual MapRun
Alan KitchenerM6002:04250-4246manual MapRun
Steven WoodM6002:10235-15220MapRun
Jeff HarrisM6002:16265-50215MapRun
Ian GrantM6001:53200200MapRun
mark kerrM6001:55200200MapRun
Mike BarnardM6002:05145-5140MapRun
John DeightonM6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Steve WillisM7001:55265265MapRun
Tony ThornleyM7002:11240-20220manual mapRun
Carmen ElphickW4001:53105105MapRun
Sue BoothW5001:56260260no track
Sarah SladeW5001:58215215MapRun
Helen BagleyW5001:499595MapRun
Angela Brand-BarkerW6002:01215-1214no track
Ceri WilliamsW6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Liz PottertonW6001:257575no track
Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis ON FOOTMIX2102:20165-9075no track
Greg Barton/Claire RileyMIX4001:55165165MapRun
Gill Crane/Paul CraneMIX5002:09265-13252no track
Andrea Foster/Steve FosterMIX6002:03280-3277no track
Karena Hanley/Keith dawsonMIX6002:01225-1224no track
Benjamin  Collins Y1802:06300-7293MapRun
Jeffrey Barber/Laura BarberGEN01:58260260no track
Alistair Broadest/Martyn BroadestGEN01:352020no track
Markington 22May 2021 |Final Resulrs

Markington Report & Results

There were 52 riders for Saturday’s event – which was a great post-lockdown turnout, despite Friday’s weather adding to the challenge! A big thanks to David Day for the course planning (and re-planning) and event organisation. It was also our pilot event for MapRun, so plenty to report on. The Control Map, David’s report and the results are all here:

Markington was NYMBO’s & BMBO’s first MapRun event as a trial where we did not use treasure hunt clues or SI boxes. Local orienteering club Claro have successfully put on several foot O MapRuns, both urban & in the wilds of Nidderdale, using Open Orienteering Map [OOM] & OS maps.

About half of Markington’s competitors had problems getting their phones to get a GPX fix on MapRun; Smartwatches seemed to fare OK, although both use GPS ie satellites mobile phone signal is poor in the village. It is not clear yet what the problems were so it would help planning for future events if you can tell us your experience yesterday – what devices did you use, what network you are on, was it successful, how easy did you find it to load your track onto the MapRun website; email David Day with your thoughts. If you want your route uploading please also e-mail Tim or David (

MapRun cannot accommodate BMBO’s standard penalty system so I have recalculated MapRun scores where penalties applied & the results spreadsheet reflects this. When loading your course onto MapRun it is possible to add controls which did not register on the phone & subtract those which it counted twice – this happens if a control is passed more than once. There are some entries on MapRun which do not have a score or a time – try to put this right if it applies to you.

During the event it became apparent that we should have had a pre-start where competitors could fire up their phones & then move to the start proper some distance away where timing would start when the phone recognised the start. The finish had to be at a location which could not be passed accidentally en route to controls as if the phone recognises the finish this ends the competitor’s track, hence the finish behind the pub well away from the road or nearby BW.

The Markington event was originally planned in December, then January, then lockdown 3 happened. The winter version avoided the muddiest BWs but as the event changed to summer there was an element of re-planning to utilise what should have been more rideable tracks. Then ….. it rained most of the week & ruined my plans. Even the Roecliffe to Bishop Monkton road was flooded axle deep but passable fortunately. Now for the results:    There was a tie for the winner on 342 points – Ian Nixon & Andy Conn; 3rd on 293 was young local rider Ben Collins whose Strava track boasts how good is was to not be held back by his Dad!, 4th on 290 was local rider Tim Evans no doubt using his experience of the area. First lady was the evergreen Andrea Foster on 277, Sue Booth came next with 260;  Please check your scores & times & advise me if they are wrong; ‘no track’ means there was no track of the ride submitted to the MapRun website, ‘manual MapRun’ means that no track was submitted but controls visited were entered manually. You can look at others’ routes by clicking on their track & entering the PIN on the back of your map. One rider failed to report to the finish which did cause some concern to the organising team about the well being of that rider, thankfully located safely at home later.

David Day       Planner 

NameAgeClasstime takenscorepenaltynet scoretrack system
Ian NixonM2102:09355-13342MapRun
Christopher DoddM2102:08275-11264no track
ian NightingaleM4001:58190190MapRun
andy connM5002:09355-13342MapRun
Tim EvansM5002:00290290MapRun
Simon CaldwellM5002:04285-4281MapRun
Andrew WindrumM5002:05270-5265no track
Philip WilliamsM5002:05265-5260no track
Stephen CollinsM5002:05260-5255no track
David CollinsM5002:05240-5235no track
Dougie NisbetM5002:11245-20225manual MapRun
Richard WiseM5002:03205-3202MapRun
Colin JohnsonM5001:55200200no track
Graham FarrellM5001:55200200no track
Oliver AndersonM5001:55200200no track
Tim Edwards/Bryan Websdale M5002:02155-2153no track
Graham RamsdenM5001:55105105no track
Tony Brand-BarkerM6001:55250250MapRun
Chris SwiftM6002:03250-3247manual MapRun
Steven WoodM6001:57245245MapRun
Alan KitchenerM6002:05250-5245manual MapRun
Jeff HarrisM6002:16265-50215no track
Ian GrantM6001:55200200no track
mark kerrM6001:55200200MapRun
Mike BarnardM6002:05145-5140MapRun
John DeightonM6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Steve WillisM7001:55265265MapRun
Tony ThornleyM7002:11240-20220manual mapRun
Carmen ElphickW4001:53105105MapRun
Sue BoothW5001:56260260no track
Sarah SladeW5002:00225225manual Maprun
Helen BagleyW5001:499595MapRun
Angela Brand-BarkerW6002:01215-1214no track
Ceri WilliamsW6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Liz PottertonW6001:257575no track
Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis ON FOOTMIX2102:20165-9075no track
Greg Barton/Claire RileyMIX4001:57165165MapRun
Gill Crane/Paul CraneMIX5002:09265-13252no track
Andrea Foster/Steve FosterMIX6002:03280-3277no track
Karena Hanley/Keith dawsonMIX6002:01225-1224no track
Benjamin  Collins Y1802:06300-7293no track
Jeffrey Barber/Laura BarberGEN01:58260260no track
Alistair Broadest/Martyn BroadestGEN01:352020no track
NYMBO #1 Markington 22-05-2021

Markington Event Entry Information

Entry for this weekend’s event is now closed and there are around 60 riders booked for Saturday which is great – a few things to note:

Entry list: you can see the entry list here, which should include most of the manual deferred entries. If you can’t see your name and you think it should be there, please reply to this email. There are a couple of duplicates that can’t be removed, so don’t worry if you appear twice (or if you’ve let us know you can’t come)

Parking – limited parking at the pub and at the Village Hall, so street parking may be the best option. If you live close, you may also wish to consider riding to the start!

Pre-ordering Food – it’s the first weekend that Yorkshire Hussar has been able to fully open and we’re keen to support them as they have been kind enough to allow us to use it to host the event. If you are planning on eating it will help them a lot if you can pre-order tonight or Friday to ensure they can meet demand. The menu is on our website, the Yorkshire Hussar website is here and Facebook page here and their phone number is 01765 677715

MapRun –  if you’re using the MapRun app on your phone make sure it’s MapRun6, and don’t forget to get the course (folder is UK:North Yorkshire:NYMBO:Markington21) – updated FAQ here

Course map – the blank course map is here, and everyone will get a colour printed map at the start (as always, you won’t need your phone for the map)

For our first event post the recent Covid lockdown, we would ask you to ensure you’re observing the guidelines – we’ve not used start times as we did at the last couple of events, but it will take a little time to set everyone off.

Markington Saturday 22nd – blank course map now available; online entry closes midnight Wednesday

There’s still time to enter our first league event of 2021, at Markington this Saturday 22nd May. Enter online here by midnight Wednesday.
If you’re got a deferred entry, please email to confirm your place and you’ll be manually added to the list.

Here’s the course map, the PDF version is here

Further details about the event in the previous post here.

Remember we’re trying out Maprun for this event – you’ll need either a SmartPhone with Maprun loaded; or a GPS watch or bike computer that allows you to export the gpx file after the event – FAQ here. If you have neither available, get in touch so we can come up with an alternative solution.

Food! – support the pub by ordering food in advance, menu below, link to the Yokshire Hussar here.

MapRun FAQ

Updated 17:30 20-May-2021

Note that the website change has now been implemented. If your browser is still changing to then you may need to clear the local cache in your browser settings.

We’ve had a few questions about MapRun, so thought easiest to consolidate into one post.

  1. Will I still get a printed, colour course map to use when riding? Absolutely. Everyone will get a map at the start, no need to use your device when riding.
  2. I’ve got a Smartphone, what do I need to do? you will need to download the Maprun6 or MaprunG App – downloads for Apple and Android here. You then need to load the Markington event – best to do this when you know you have a good connection. You don’t need a connection when actually taking part in the event.
  3. I don’t have a Smartphone, but I do have a GPS watch (like a Garmin)? You can use a watch to track your course, and then load a GPX file onto the Maprun website when you get home.
  4. I don’t have a Smartphone or a GPS watch, what do I do? Let us know so we can make alternative arrangements! We may have a spare phone that you can use.
  5. I liked the treasure hunt clues, will these still be an option? For the first event at Markington, the option of clues won’t be available; but this an option for the second event at Pool in Wharfedale – let us know when you enter if this is your preference
  6. When I’ve downloaded Maprun to my phone, what do I do? There are local foot O events on the ClaroClok and Aire websites and the maps can be downloaded and tried on your bike or on foot, they also include lots of instructions.
  7. When I reach a control, do I need to do anything? Will Maprun ‘beep’ to let me know it’s logged the control? Your phone will notify you when you go through the start, a control and the finish and to start and finish the event you MUST go through the start and finish.
  • Other things to know about MapRun:
  • All participants must use MapRun6. For those already using MapRunF, please remove this and load MapRun6. Once loaded, please select the ‘Name’ tab and add your name etc.
  • If using an Android phone, have the battery save mode switched off as this can switch the GPS off and allow Maprun to run in the background, and to provide notifications.   
  • For those using Garmin watches that can run MapRunG, you still need to use MapRun6 to load the event to your watch. If using MapRunG for the first time, please try using it before the day to ensure that your watch is correctly paired with MapRun6.

MapRun6 is very easy to use but there are a number of things to remember while using MapRun6. If you haven’t used it before then see if there is an ‘event near you’ that you can trial with before the day :

  • Make sure that your phone/watch is fully charged. 
  • Load the event you are doing via ‘Select Event’  then select the following folders:
    North Yorkshire
    select the event MarkingtonMay21
  • Map issue with the PIN number will be away from the start triangle. Once you are ready to start, touch ‘Goto Start’, and enter the PIN number given on the map, the map will appear on the screen. The bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the GPS accuracy, it starts red and moves through to green. When green it should suggest an accuracy of less than 10m.You are now ready to start.
  • Move to the start triangle on the map, when you are within range your phone will beep and the timer will start, you may wish to check this on the timer above the map. One timer counts down the other up. This also tells you how many you have punched and what the last control number was.   
  • On the map on the screen, the triangle, control and finish symbol turn green when punched.
  • Visit controls as you normally would, at each the phone will beep, the control circle turns green and the control number appears by ‘Last;’ the top of the screen. 
  • If you are sure you are in the right place and it has not registered, continue on to the next control. It can be awarded later from the GPS trace.
  • DO NOT GO TO THE FINISH CIRCLE UNTIL YOU WANT TO FINISH,  it will stop timing you if you have visited just one control or more.
  • Once finished your time and score will be automatically calculated and put in the results listing. If you wish to look at the track on routegadget you  will need to enter the PIN number you used at the start.

Please post any other questions below and we’ll get the answer asap.