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Course map for Coxwold – Saturday 28th May – online entry open

The next NYMBO summer league event is on Saturday May 28th, with the event base at Coxwold Village Hall, YO61 4BB.

Online Entry closes midnight Thursday 26th
20% discount if you entry by Wednesday night

The event map uses a mixture of lanes, byways, and bridleways and we have special permission for the event to use the private gravel tracks in the dry valleys of Bradley Howl, Tanker Dale and Nettledale near Cold Kirby and Scawton, which are great to ride.

There will be no catering at the village hall but Coxwold has a tea shop just around the corner that will be open from 11am to 4pm. There is also the Fauconberg Arms pub / restaurant just up the hill.

Parking will be in the car park behind the village hall and with an overflow area on the grass playing field behind the hall. Please drive very carefully / slowly past the hall to the car parking area as the access is quite narrow and there may be children going to the play area or tennis courts.

Course map here:

High Paradise Farm – Control Map

Here’s the control map for last weekend’s event at High Paradise Farm. John Dixon planned an interesting course that allowed everyone to get a decent score, and Andy and Nuno to get all 30 controls. The MapRun results so everyone’s track if you are interested in checking out the routes that people took. John’s update and event results table in the post below.

MapRun Track

MapRun Track

MapRun worked really well on Saturday, with only a couple of issues at the start and riders losing signal enroute. Everyone managed to upload their results, which is a good measure of success!

Start/Finish arrangements – one lesson from the weekend is that we need to improve the start and finish as MapRun to make sure we know exactly who is riding. Safety is really important and we want to make sure we get that right.

Registration & Start: it’s essential that everyone signs on at registration. We’re going to make this clearer to reduce the possibility of a rider going straight to the start. With SI controls we had a start list, but we don’t get that automatically with MapRun.

Finish: everyone needs to report to the finish to record their time and any penalties. there can sometimes be a delay with the MapRun upload (Garmin watch users are an example) so we’ll make this a bit more obvious. As always, if you decide to retire please make sure you report to the finish.

Emergency contact details: please make sure that your emergency contact details are up to date on the BMBO site. We have a list of riders contacts at each event and will use this to get in touch if we need to – so having your correct mobile number is important.

Feedback welcome if there’s anything else you think we need to consider!

The next event is at Coxwold on May 29th – online entry is open now

High Paradise Control

High Paradise Control

High Paradise Farm – Event results

photo control #26

control #26

Our first league event for this year enjoyed sunshine and only a light breeze – a contrast from the previous few days.

All the MapRun results are available via the appp or at this link. Remember that these results aren’t adjusted for penalties.

The results table, with penalties applied, is below – please get in touch if something doesn’t look right!

Thanks to John Dixon for planning this event, here’s his report:

A few good days meant the tracks were dry for the 53 riders who turned up on a sunny Saturday at High Paradise. The course was (hopefully) laid out so that most people could reach the high scores
and the fitter/faster/smarter riders had to go a bit further to mop up the lower values.

In fact two riders – Andy Conn & Nuno Cerquiera cleaned up – Andy with an impressive 23minute margin. Most were comfortably home in just under the 3 hours with quite respectable scores. Just a reminder to be careful on the public highways.

Catering at High Paradise is first class and many stayed back to enjoy sandwiches, cake, coffee and scones afterwards.

This is early days for Maprun and although the benefits are numerous it does take some getting used to! More than one rider had to be guided by the ever so patient Tim Evans to get started.
There are lessons to be learned in recording starters and finishers but all in all a grand day out

Name Class net score %
charles rebecca mayes GEN 332 63.2
alan olivia kinnear GEN 185 35.2
nuno cerquiera M21 525 100.0
jonathan williams M21 445 84.8
james chilcott M21 430 81.9
duncan archer M40 485 92.4
rik thompson M40 443 84.4
carl vincent M40 370 70.5
michael ogle M40 370 70.5
richard seabrook M40 325 61.9
andy conn M50 525 100.0
conrad ellison M50 495 94.3
philip collings M50 467 89.0
mark rowley M50 456 86.9
jeffrey barber M50 450 85.7
philip williams M50 445 84.8
adrian parker M50 423 80.6
david cowgill M50 420 80.0
Tim Evans M50 406 77.3
patrick gordon M50 368 70.1
dave robertson M50 350 66.7
paul brown M50 325 61.9
mark brown M50 315 60.0
Oliver Anderson M50 200 38.1
paul dobson M60 375 71.4
paul wood M60 365 69.5
Richard Wise M60 327 62.3
anthony jones M60 310 59.0
john lebeter M60 280 53.3
Chris Swift M60 270 51.4
Mike Barnard M60 200 38.1
john deighton M60 170 32.4
Steve Willis M70 458 87.2
ray morris M70 405 77.1
davis day M70 360 68.6
dennis jaques M70 300 57.1
john burkinshaw M70 135 25.7
Steven Wood M70 0 0.0
andy corinne parsons MIX50 325 61.9
joseph serena hartley MIX50 300 57.1
Andrea Steve Foster MIX60 427 81.3
sheila pearce W50 427 81.3
jemima parker W50 323 61.5
joan hanson W50 295 56.2
Sarah Slade W50 235 44.8
jill ellison W50 225 42.9
Angela Brand-Barker W60 455 86.7
Ceri Williams W60 205 39.0
karen blackburn W70 305 58.1

Next event – 30th April – Hambleton Hills at High Paradise Farm – Online entry closes midnight Thursday

The next NYMBO event takes place on Saturday 30th April, based at High Paradise Farm on the edge of the North York Moors.

Enter Online (closes midnight Thursday)

Save 20% if you enter before midnight on Wednesday
Registration: 9.00 – 10.15
Starts: 9.30 – 10.30
Event Length: 3 hours

The blank course map is below, note that parking will be signed from Sneck Yate and is slightly before the farm itself in the old quarry. Then a short ride to registration.

30 April 2022 Course map

30 April 2022 Course map

NYMBO League 2022 – Dates & Details

2022 banner

8 events in 2022 — entry fees still really low, with 20% discount for early entry this year!

Key things to know about our events this year:

  • MapRun – all events will use MapRun this year. It was very successful for us at the 5 winter events and saves th extra work putting our controls the day before and collecting them after the events.
  • Start Times – all events, apart from the White Rose in August are currently planned to have starts between 0930-1030. However, we’d like your feedback on whether we should have some different options, you can vote in the poll here. We may make some adjustments to start times – but the first event at Paradise Farm will not change.
  • 2022 Entry Fees – we’ve kept entry fees as low as we can, and we’re offering a discount this year too. Fuel is probably the biggest cost for everyone travelling to events, and with the current price increases hopefully this helps people a little bit.
  • Online Entry – you’ll be able to enter online until midnight on Thursday, as we did last year. However, you’ll get a 20% discount if you enter by Wednesday night. This enables us to keep online entry open until Thursday but an incentive to enter earlier. This is a bit of test – we’ll see how it works and, if we need to, make any changes.
  • Entry on the Day – this could be available this season for riders who’ve been unable to enter before the online entry deadline. However, it will depend on how many spare maps there are and riders will need to be the last to depart when the pre-registered riders have all set-off. Please enter in advance if you are able to and guarantee a map!


NYMBO League Date Venue Type Planner
1 30-Apr Paradise Farm & Hambleton Hills 3 hr MBO John Dixon
2 28-May Coxwold & Howardian Hills 3 hr MBO Andy Parson
3 18-Jun Galphay Moors & Nidderdale 3 hr MBO David Day
4 16-Jul Chop Gate & Cleveland Hills 3 hr MBO Conrad & Jill Ellison
5 27-Aug Malham 4 hr MBO Simon Coiley
6 29-Aug Ampleforth & White Horse Bank 3 hr MBO Jeff Harris
7 10-Sep Bainbridge & Wensleydale 5 hr MBO Steve Willis
8 1-Oct Austwick 3 hr MBO Steve and Andrea Foster

We’re still finalising the event centres, but all the details are on the first version of the flier which will be updated when information changes. NYMBO League 2022 v2

If you’ve not been getting our emails – usually about 1 per month please save the NYMBO email addresses to your contact list – sometimes they might drop into your spam folder. Please save and to your address book.

2022 League Event Start Times – Quick poll

We’re just finalising the details for the 2022 League (the dates are all on the events page).

In 2021, all six events had start times from 900/930

In 2019, there was a mix of start times varying from 0900 through to 1130.

For 2022, we’re proposing that all events would have starts between 0930-1045, apart from the White Rose event on the Bank Holiday Monday which will have a lunchtime start.

So here’s a quick poll to make sure that works for the majority:


Cullingworth Results **updated**

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cullingworth event, we made a donation of £172 to the Central Plains Refuge Fund in support of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Thanks to every rider who made the journey to Cullingworth today to enjoy Tony’s course with it’s fiendish terrain and tricky route choices. Apologies for a couple of misnumbered controls – they’ve been adjusted as attached.

If you happened to inadvertently pick up Tony’s gloves (grey, Rohan fleecy) from the results table he would be grateful for their return!!

Please get in touch if you spot anything in the results that needs clarification!!

Congratulations to all the categories – please colleact a t-shirt from Tim at the next event.

Here are the results for Cullingworth: 20220312-Cullingworth revised **updated Sunday 13th 18:25**

The Maprun link with split times can be found here

Cullingworth update – entry fees to be donated to Ukraine fundraiser – online entry closes midnight Thursday

We’ve decided to donate the entry fees for this weekend’s event at Cullingworth to a charity fundraiser for Ukraine.

We’ve chosen one set up by Keith Dawson (who is known for MTBO and has participated previously in NYMBO events) as his company has links to Ukraine. Details here

Cullingworth is a 3 hour event – and will count towards the BMBO National League. All the details in the main event post below. Tony has asked for any Danchino’s food orders are sent to him directly by Wednesday evening to help the cafe. Details here

You can enter online anytime until midnight Thursday

Email updates: if you didn’t receive an email update on Monday 7th at around 6pm (or the previous Monday 28th) please check you spam folder and see if it’s there. You can also add our email addresses to your contact list to help ensure the mails get through ( and

** Updated** Next event – Cullingworth – Saturday 12th March

Our next event is on Saturday 12th March and takes us to a new area for NYMBO, with Tony Thornley having planned a course around the bridleways, lanes and roads surrounding Cullingworth.


Event length – 3 hour event
Registration: 0900 – 1000
Starts: 0915 – 1015

Online entry here – closes midnight Thursday 10th March

Venue: Danchino’s, 12 Lodge Street, Cullingworth, BD13 5HB

There is a largish car park just up the hill from Danchino’s. If you purchase food/drink from the cafe, parking is free. If not, £2 donation when you register. If the car park is full, there is plenty of street parking in Cullingworth but please take care not to obstruct any entrances.

The event will use MapRun. If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto your phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start. The start and finish are in the same place just outside the cafe.

The event will use MapRun. If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto your phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start.

The start and finish are just outside the cafe. When finishing MapRun should bleep on the road outside the cafe – if not, you must walk down the short path to the cafe entrance/registration. No biking! I cannot imagine how your route might take you anywhere near the finish once you have started, but be warned that once you have visited any controls after starting, going to the finish will end your course.

On registering you will be given a control description list and a 1:7500 scale map of Cullingworth as the main map does not have sufficient detail to locate the bridleways easily. Please take care using this map – some of the paths are pedestrian tracks and you may need to dismount.

When you are ready to start, go to the start table. Click Go to Start on your phone. When it goes green and bleeps you can have a map. Map size is 270x280mm. Map scale 1:40000. Based on OS 1:50000 but substantially enhanced for clarity of bridleways. Time limit is three hours with usual penalties for lateness.

Terrain: this is a hugely varied area. Some lovely cycle routes are interspersed with some savage climbs and some minor and major roads in urban areas. Routes choice and navigation skills will be at a premium. Good luck.

Safety: this is not your usual NY event. Routes will include urban areas and some main roads. There is likely to be quite a lot of traffic in places. Lights and a fluorescent top are strongly recommended.

Food: Advance orders would be appreciated to help the cafe – please send food orders to Tony by Weds evening – see attached menu and guide – 20220312 – Danchino’s food order

Blank Course Map is here:

Cullingworth 40 MTBO 250222-compressed

Wheldrake – Results & Map

**updated 25/02/22 – mistake on the women’s category corrected – apologies!**

Here are the categorised results for Wheldrake and a copy of the control map

20220212-Wheldrake Final Final results

Congratulations to the category winners who can all pick up a NYMBO T-Shirt at the next event:

  • Men:  Nuno Cerqueira with 491
  • Vet Men: Paul Dobson with 409
  • Women: Jo Anderson & Jemima Parker with 279
  • Pair: Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon with 363

Here’s the control map, with a small update to note the permissive paths.