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Cullingworth Results **updated**

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cullingworth event, we made a donation of £172 to the Central Plains Refuge Fund in support of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Thanks to every rider who made the journey to Cullingworth today to enjoy Tony’s course with it’s fiendish terrain and tricky route choices. Apologies for a couple of misnumbered controls – they’ve been adjusted as attached.

If you happened to inadvertently pick up Tony’s gloves (grey, Rohan fleecy) from the results table he would be grateful for their return!!

Please get in touch if you spot anything in the results that needs clarification!!

Congratulations to all the categories – please colleact a t-shirt from Tim at the next event.

Here are the results for Cullingworth: 20220312-Cullingworth revised **updated Sunday 13th 18:25**

The Maprun link with split times can be found here

Cullingworth update – entry fees to be donated to Ukraine fundraiser – online entry closes midnight Thursday

We’ve decided to donate the entry fees for this weekend’s event at Cullingworth to a charity fundraiser for Ukraine.

We’ve chosen one set up by Keith Dawson (who is known for MTBO and has participated previously in NYMBO events) as his company has links to Ukraine. Details here

Cullingworth is a 3 hour event – and will count towards the BMBO National League. All the details in the main event post below. Tony has asked for any Danchino’s food orders are sent to him directly by Wednesday evening to help the cafe. Details here

You can enter online anytime until midnight Thursday

Email updates: if you didn’t receive an email update on Monday 7th at around 6pm (or the previous Monday 28th) please check you spam folder and see if it’s there. You can also add our email addresses to your contact list to help ensure the mails get through ( and

** Updated** Next event – Cullingworth – Saturday 12th March

Our next event is on Saturday 12th March and takes us to a new area for NYMBO, with Tony Thornley having planned a course around the bridleways, lanes and roads surrounding Cullingworth.


Event length – 3 hour event
Registration: 0900 – 1000
Starts: 0915 – 1015

Online entry here – closes midnight Thursday 10th March

Venue: Danchino’s, 12 Lodge Street, Cullingworth, BD13 5HB

There is a largish car park just up the hill from Danchino’s. If you purchase food/drink from the cafe, parking is free. If not, £2 donation when you register. If the car park is full, there is plenty of street parking in Cullingworth but please take care not to obstruct any entrances.

The event will use MapRun. If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto your phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start. The start and finish are in the same place just outside the cafe.

The event will use MapRun. If using a smartphone don’t forget to load the course onto your phone at home; if using a smartwatch or Garmin you need to synchronise with satellites before approaching the start.

The start and finish are just outside the cafe. When finishing MapRun should bleep on the road outside the cafe – if not, you must walk down the short path to the cafe entrance/registration. No biking! I cannot imagine how your route might take you anywhere near the finish once you have started, but be warned that once you have visited any controls after starting, going to the finish will end your course.

On registering you will be given a control description list and a 1:7500 scale map of Cullingworth as the main map does not have sufficient detail to locate the bridleways easily. Please take care using this map – some of the paths are pedestrian tracks and you may need to dismount.

When you are ready to start, go to the start table. Click Go to Start on your phone. When it goes green and bleeps you can have a map. Map size is 270x280mm. Map scale 1:40000. Based on OS 1:50000 but substantially enhanced for clarity of bridleways. Time limit is three hours with usual penalties for lateness.

Terrain: this is a hugely varied area. Some lovely cycle routes are interspersed with some savage climbs and some minor and major roads in urban areas. Routes choice and navigation skills will be at a premium. Good luck.

Safety: this is not your usual NY event. Routes will include urban areas and some main roads. There is likely to be quite a lot of traffic in places. Lights and a fluorescent top are strongly recommended.

Food: Advance orders would be appreciated to help the cafe – please send food orders to Tony by Weds evening – see attached menu and guide – 20220312 – Danchino’s food order

Blank Course Map is here:

Cullingworth 40 MTBO 250222-compressed

Wheldrake – Results & Map

**updated 25/02/22 – mistake on the women’s category corrected – apologies!**

Here are the categorised results for Wheldrake and a copy of the control map

20220212-Wheldrake Final Final results

Congratulations to the category winners who can all pick up a NYMBO T-Shirt at the next event:

  • Men:  Nuno Cerqueira with 491
  • Vet Men: Paul Dobson with 409
  • Women: Jo Anderson & Jemima Parker with 279
  • Pair: Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon with 363

Here’s the control map, with a small update to note the permissive paths.

Wheldrake – Initial Results & Report

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s event – here are the provisional results.

Penalty times highlighted (red); riders who don’t appear on MapRun and have a shared score with another rider (yellow) and the two riders with manual scores (blue). The times are all from MapRun.

Let me know if my maths is wrong for any penalties, or if you have checked your course and a control is missing (some riders had a issue with #4 and #8)

PDF – 20220212-Wheldrake Provisional results

You can have a look at everyone’s results and the course they took on MapRun here:

Maprun link here to full table and tracks

By Saturday morning the bright blue sky of the previous day had been replaced by more blustery weather which meant everyone had a headwind at some point. However, the rain (mostly) held off and the tracks were mostly in a decent condition.

Reports at the end from the 44 riders who took part were generally very positive and it was good to see a couple of riders who hadn’t taken part for a couple of years.

I enjoyed planning the course, and was able to make the most of the good weather in January to ride everything, remove the bits that weren’t good and decide upon the course size. It’s quite hard to develop a course that is challenging enough for the fastest riders, but offers something for all abilities. Whilst there were some “small circuits”, I think there were lots of options available.

Of the 30 available controls, it was brilliant to see that Nuno Cerqueira made it to 28, and Chris Hollingbery got to 26 – which suggests it was about right. A total of 7 riders had scores above 400, and 15 riders over 300 and it is fascinating to see the different routes that everyone chose.

Thank yous:

The track through Wheldrake Wood only works with the additional permission from Swallow Hall Golf Course to use the track from the road to the wood. Grateful that they allowed access once again, and if you know any golfers please do encourage them to visit the course – its a small family run business and it is good of them to allow us permission.

Most riders went into the Escrick Estate at some point, and they also provided permission to use the tracks between #27 and #2. We’ll be making a donation from the event to The Woodmeadow Trust in return for the Estate allowing us to use the tracks today.

Lisa and team at The Wenlock Arms did a great job today – I think everyone got their food on time and it was good of them to allow us to host the event there.

The Girl Guide’s White Rose Hall  was the location of the additional parking and the start. I know parking wasn’t that easy – although the hall car park wasn’t full!

Thank you to Steve Willis for running the start for me – it’s a chilly job on day’s like today; and Tim Evans for the advice, mapping and MapRun advice!

MapRun and the course map,,

I think MapRun worked well today. 3 riders couldn’t make it work and the were a couple of control issues but overall it worked well.

Tim and I debated using a 1:50 scale map, or a 1:25 definition reduced to 1:40. We opted for the latter as the extra detail should have made for easier navigation. Tim highlighted the bridleways and I tried to place controls to make the routes easier to navigate.

At control #7 there is only one bridleway heading towards control #22 (but I can see that the drainage ditch looks a bit like a track running NNE). It might also have helped to mark the permissive tracks a different colour (Swallow Hall, Escrick)

Control #26 (on a brighter day!)

Wheldrake event info – MapRun & Parking

Here are the MapRun and parking details for Saturday’s event – please make sure you read the parking information as parking is tight!

The Wheldrake course is now available to download in MapRun. You’ll find it by choosing ‘Select Event’ and  navigating to UK | North Yorkshire | NYMBO | Wheldrake

Or you can use the QR code

The Finish (Red) is at the back of the pub car park) and the Start (Green) is in front of the Guide Hall next to the Chuirch Gate.




Please don’t street park on Main Street (east-west) or on Dalton Hill (next to the pub) as they’re both busy. Here are the main options:

1. The Wenlock Arms has a car park for 15-20 cars. Please park carefully so that we maximise the spaces.

2. Behind the White Rose Guide Hall there is space for a small number of cars – the entrance is narrow so this won’t work for anyone with larger vehicles! We’ll use this for the early arrivals so as not to disrupt the start.

3. Back Lane – this is the best street parking as there are places that won’t disrupt any residents. Turn into Church Close and follow round the corner into Back Lane (marked in yellow below).

I hope that can accommodate everyone!



Updated map for Wheldrake on February 12th (online entry closes midnight Thursday)

Here’s the updated blank map for the Wheldrake event next Saturday 12th February.

Online entry here (closes midnight Thursday 10th)

Registration: 0915 – 1015
Starts: 0930 – 1030

Don’t forget that there’s no entry on the day! You’ll need to download the course on MapRun before you set off – the QR code and start/finish locations will be on the website on Friday, along with parking information.

Details here for the The Wenlock Arms in Wheldrake, and you’ll find the lunch menu here for pre-ordering before you set off.

The South York course area is flat and so it’s a fairly large area. The course uses all the suitable bridleways and cycle paths plus I’ve also got permissive access for some additional tracks. Care will be needed on the short sections where the A19 is unavoidable- the section at Escrick has shared cycle/footpaths.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Blank Map for Wheldrake – Saturday Feb 12th

Here’s the blank map for the Whledrake event that takes place on Saturday 12th February.

Online entry here (closes midnight Thursday 10th)

The map is not quite finalised – but the extent of the course is unlikely to change.

Our 4th winter event of this series is based at the excellent The Wenlock Arms in Wheldrake (sadly The Jefferson Arms in Thorganby and The Black Bull in Escrick are both closed). The South York course area is flat and so it’s a fairly large area. The course uses all the suitable bridleways and cycle paths plus I’ve also got permissive access for some additional tracks. Care will be needed on the short sections where the A19 is unavoidable. Hopefully the course is good for riders of all abilities – a challenge but plenty of interesting areas too.

I’ll update on the pub menus and parking arrangements next week (Parking in Wheldrake isn’t quite as easy as venues like The Squinting Cat).

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

20220212-blank map

Thornton Watlass Final results

Here are the finalised results, as some of you spotted we had swapped 4 and 9 round but then sent an old map to the printers so we have awarded points based on the map scores, this means if you visit 9 on the map , maprun showed you as visiting 4 so we have added 5 points to your score , if you visited 4 map run shows you listed 9 so we have removed 5 points.

I have made it clear in the right hand column what I have done, if you think this is wrong please let me know and I will adjust again. I have also updated for controls that didn’t pick up ( Control 2 for 2 people ) .

Results summary: 20220122-results_final

MapRun link with Splits here

Two admin items for riders:

1. You will note most results are in yellow, these are the ones on the maprun server , those not in yellow have told Steve their result but not uploaded their track or result to the server.

If you go to maprun look at your result and in the top right hand corner click on the lines and then select manual upload, this should add your result and I can then adjust for 4 and 9 if you visited them.

2. The other item is if you think you went to a control and it isn’t green on the map on your phone using the HITMO option on the top Right hand button allows you to widen the search , it is far better if you do this rather than the admin as it preserves your score . Your score then shows you have done this and the admin can remove this note and the other results if it has come through.

Any questions ask Tim and the next event, although he isn’t up to speed on using a Garmin watch.

Thornton Watlass Report

Thanks to Steve Willis for planning an excellent event yesterday and ensuring the weather stayed fine! here’s his report. I’ll update this post with the MapRun results link as soon as I get it.

Thanks to Tim Evans for an excellent map and advising riders about Maprun at Registration; Dave Robertson for looking after the Start; and Vicky and all of the staff at the Buck Inn for a very warm welcome as well as delicious food served very quickly.

I thoroughly enjoyed planning the course as usual as it gave me a good excuse to ride in this lovely gentle countryside not far from my doorstep. It was even better last week when the bridleways were even firmer and the hedges hadn’t been cut! It was disappointing that so many of you had to repair multiple punctures.

Controls 4 and 9 were the wrong way round on the map so some scores will need adjusting.

It was great to see 62 riders at a winter event and congratulations to the winners. Martin Edwards rode an impressive 55k and visited all but 4 of the 30 controls to score 490 points and win overall. John Dixon marked his first competitive ride for a few months to beat all the other Veteran Gents. Claire Riley rode solo to outscore the other Ladies. Sally Buckworth & Saul Muldoon won the Mixed class while Laura & Jeff Barber won the Generation class again.
Hope to see as many of you at our next event on February 12th at Wheldrake
Take care and stay healthy
Steve Willis