Events are back on — Markington Saturday 22nd

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that we’ve got 7 events planned for a NYMBO league between now and October and those are on the calendar.

The flier for all the events is here.

First up is Markington on Saturday May 22nd:

David Day originally planned this course for last year, so it’s great that we can all finally get to use it.

Online Entry (closes midnight Wednesday 19th)

The Yorkshire Hussar will be our event base, registration opens at 9.00  with starts between 9.30 – 10.30.
If you would like to support the pub and have lunch there, they would like you to order food in advance if possible – the menu is here, and contact details are on their website.
This event is priced like our Winter events

Our first two events this year will use Maprun – you’ll still get a colour, printed map as usual but rather than treasure hunt clues or SI controls, Maprun will log that you’ve visited that control. No need to look at your phone when riding!

What you need to do: you will need to download the Maprun6 or MaprunG App – downloads for Apple and Android here. This does mean you’ll need a smartphone – if you don’t please get in touch by replying to this email. There are local foot O events on the ClaroClok and Aire websites and the maps can be downloaded and tried on your bike or on foot, they also include lots of instructions. Tim will be on standby to help at the starts but it is very straightforward.

Things to know about our 2021 league events:

  • Online Entry only: we’re going to stick with Online entry online for now, so no entry on the day. Each event will have a capacity limit, and you’ll need to enter by midnight Wednesday on the week of the event. Entry will close earlier if it’s full.
  • Covid-19: all our events will take place if government guidance permits. We would ask all riders to take all necessary precautions based on the rules that are in palce on the date of the event.
  • Covid Cancellations: in the event that we have to cancel events for Covid reasons, or you can’t attend because you are showing symptoms, or have been asked to isolate by test and trace then you’ll be able to get a refund or carry your entry to another event. For this reason, we will only open online entry one month before each event. .
  • Carried forward entries:  if you entered an event that we had to cancel, your entry fee will be carried forward. Get in touch by replying to this email if you want to use your place (rather than entering online)
  • 2021 Entry: we’re making this year slightly cheaper than 2019 to help everyone participate as much as possible – most events will be just £10 for adults (entry details for each event are on the flier here)

New website address –

After April 8th, the NYMBO website will be move to (it’s currently It should cause minimal disruption, but you may find that local settings on your device (favourites etc) may need updating. A quick search for NYMBO on your favourite search engine should also bring you back to the correct location. Please let me know of any problems in the comments.

Update on a summer league to follow soon once dates/venues confirmed.

Winter Events – January 9th – Cancelled

Hi everyone

Unfortunately, next weekend’s event at Markington is cancelled as we’ve been unable to source an alternative venue to the pub. The change to Tier 3, whilst still allowing organised sport, also makes it more uncertain that it would be the right thing to do.

If possible, we will try to make this event available as a ‘ride when you want’ (within a specific date range) – details on that will be posted soon (if we can make it work!!)

Sorry to disappoint – we’ll confirm if February’s event can go ahead asap.

**Updated – 04-Jan – following the Government announcement tonight, the February event is confirmed as cancelled **

Hampsthwaite – Results, Map, Lost Property

Lots of positive comments when everyone returned from their ride, despite some very muddy bridleways on some parts of the course!

Lost property: A grey Rohan buff was found in the car park. And when Simon was walking the dogs up the hill out of the village towards Harrogate, one of Steve’s type map boards complete with map! It must have blown off a bike on a car rack!? It has black an white elastic straps. If either of these are your please send an email.

*Updated with Simon’s report (sorry for the delay)*

Amid all the uncertainty after the latest lockdown it was touch & go whether we could, or even should, go ahead with the event once it became clear that the start at the Joiners Arms was out of the question. Luckily the Memorial Hall saved the day making the event possible and compliant with current Covid restrictions, so a big thank you to Mel Marshall from the village.

Planning wise I just wanted to provide plenty of route choice and include some of the more enjoyable and ‘cleaner’ bridleways. However, this became an increasingly difficult task over the preceding weeks of rain! After changing maps several times, sorry Tim! and moving controls even more, I finally settled on what I hoped would provide a good event. ( sorry to anyone who struggled to find the right pole at no.22! ).

Thank you for the many positive comments. It was great just to see you all out and back having hopefully enjoyed your rides.

The scores were very close, none more so than for the top spot. Congratulations go to Steve & Ben Collins who were victorious overall, seniors and in the ‘father and son battle’ by 2 whole points ahead of Tim & Edwyn Evans. Mark Chryssanthou took a fine third overall and well done to David Collins ‘keeping in the family’ with top honours in the ‘winter’ Vets, with an honourable mention to Tony Thornley as 2nd Vet. Gill & Paul Crane again took the mixed honours and Sarah Slade was top woman. A special mention must go to runners Vicky Bailey & Kevin Francis scoring an amazing 175.

Under the present circumstances, on this occasion, I think we can consider ourselves all winners!

Results: please get in touch if any corrections needed (class, points, etc)

Winter Class Name Score Time Pen Total/pos
Senior Men Steve & Ben Collins 390 2.05 5 385
Senior Men Tim & Edwyn Evans 385 2.02 2 383
Senior Men Mark Chryssanthou 365 2.07 9 354
Senior Men Nuno Cerquiera 360 2.13 30 330
Veteran Men David Collins 335 2.12 25 310
Veteran Men Tony Thornley 305 2.10 15 290
Veteran Men Peter Pawlick 295 2.07 9 284
Veteran Men Simon Caldwell 280 2.01 1 279
Senior Men Simon Granger 280 2.08 11 269
Veteran Men Steve Willis 255 1.58 0 255
Senior Men Simon Robertson 255 2.02 2 253
Senior Men Dave Robertson 250 2.04 4 246
Senior Men Mark Stokes 250 2.08 11 239
Mixed Pair Gill & Paul Crane 230 2.06 7 223
Senior Men Ian Nightingale 215 2.02 2 213
Veteran Men Jeff Harris 210 2.04 4 206
Veteran Men Phil Williams 205 2.02 2 203
Veteran Men John Burkinshaw 195 1.55 0 195
Veteran Men David Day 190 1.56 0 190
Veteran Men Chris Wright 185 1.59 0 185
Mixed Pair (Running) Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis 175 1.59 0 175
Veteran Men Richard Wise 170 1.56 0 170
Women Sarah Slade 160 1.49 0 160
Gen Verity & Andy Chapman Gibbs 170 2.14 35 135
Women Carmen Elphick 120 1.59 0 120
Women Claire Sharpe 105 2.04 4 101
John & Michael Cain Retired

Don’t forget, we have a NYMBO Strava group if you want to share your route!

Click on the map for a copy of the control map:

Hampsthwaite – Saturday 12th December – Blank map & start times

Our next event is at Hampsthwaite on Saturday 12th December. See the previous post for event details

The blank map is below, the event centre is the Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall Hollins Ln, Hampsthwaite, Harrogate HG3 2EJ

Here are the provisional start times (for those who deferred entry from a previous event); this list will be updated during the week.

General Entry: the BMBO website is undergoing maintenance, so its a manual entry with bank transfer details for your entry fee.

Membership Class
Adult Day Rider £6
Adult BMBO Member £5
Youth Day Rider £4
Youth BMBO Member £3

Online entry closed – no entry on the day

CONFIRMED Start Times (updated 11-Dec-2020 18:23)

Number Time Rider 1 Rider 2
1 09:30 Nuno Cerqueira Simon Granger
2 09:32 Mark Stokes Steve Willis
3 09:34 Claire Sharpe
4 09:36
5 09:38 Simon Robertson
6 09:40 ian Nightingale
7 09:42 Kevin Francis (Run) Vicky Bailey (Run)
8 09:44 Kate Mitchell Karen Robinson
9 09:46
10 09:48
11 09:50 Dave Robertson Mark Chryssanthou
12 09:52 Gill Crane Paul Crane
13 09:54 Simon Caldwell Carmen Elphick
14 09:56 Christopher Wright
15 09:58 Tony Thornley David Day
16 10:00 Jeff Harris
17 10:02
18 10:04
19 10:06
20 10:08
21 10:10 Andy Chapman Gibbs Verity Chapman Gibbs
22 10:12 Richard Wise Sarah Slade
23 10:14 Tim Evans Edwyn
24 10:16 Peter Pawlik John Burkinshaw
25 10:18 Philip Williams Ray Morriss
26 10:20 David Collins
27 10:22 John Cain Michael Cain
28 10:24 Benjamin Collins Stephen Collins
29 10:26
30 10:28
31 10:30

Course Map - Hampsthwaite 12-12-2020

Course Map – Hampsthwaite 12-12-2020

Hampsthwaite – Saturday 12th December – Event on!!

Event On!Hampsthwaite MBO Saturday 12th December 2020*

Our next event is planned to go ahead – this is because in Tier 2 “organised outdoor sport, and physical activity and exercise classes can continue.

As The Joiners Arms will only be open for diners, the event venue is now Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall.

We would ask all riders to take all the necessary COVID precautions, including wearing a face covering at the start and finish; observing social distancing; and sanitising as required. We would like to convey the best image we can to the village.

If you live in a Tier 3 area, the guidance is to “avoid travelling outside of your area“and so we are only anticipating riders who are in Tier 2 at this event.

ENTRY: Priority is being given to riders who entered the cancelled Staveley event, who should have received an email update with instructions. If you’ve not received an email, drop an email to

Please confirm your place as soon as possible, and no later than Sunday 6th December. General entry will be open from Sunday 6th if there are places available.

If you don’t want to ride this event, or you’re in Tier 3, no need to do anything, your deferred entry will carry forward to January.

Although we’re not based at the pub for this event, we would obviously encourage you to support them by having lunch there, you can book with them here or at Sophies Cafe

*note that the original event date was 5th December

Staveley – November 7th – CANCELLED

It will sadly come as little surprise to everyone that Saturday’s event in Staveley is now cancelled. It was really great that the event had reached capacity and we were confident that our Covid precautions would make for a safe event – however, the change in the rules means that it’s no longer possible to go ahead.

An email will go out to those who had entered later today with refund & transfer options.

We’ll keep December under review and make a decision when it’s a bit clearer what restrictions will be in place.

Stay safe everyone!


Staveley – November 7th – Start times

Here are the start times for the next event on November 7th, thes eare done by Wave and then on a ‘first come..’ basis. Use the form below if you want to change your time. Blank course map and other event details will follow next week. Pairs shown in bold.

Time Rider 1 Rider 2
09:30 Nuno Cerqueira Simon Granger
09:32 Dougie Nisbet Mark Rowley
09:34 andy conn Claire Sharpe
09:36 John Deighton Ceri Williams
09:38 Chris Edwards Simon Robertson
09:40 ian Nightingale Paul Forrow
09:42 Conrad Ellison Jill Ellison
09:44 Kate Mitchell Karen Robinson
09:46 Martyn Broadest Greg Barton
09:48 Jeffrey Barber Laura Barber
09:50 Dave Robertson Paul Wood
09:52 Gill Crane Paul Crane
09:54 Simon Caldwell Carmen Elphick
09:56 Christopher Wright Carrick Armer
09:58 Tony Thornley David Day
10:00 Jeff Harris simon horlock
10:02 Christopher Dodd
10:10 Andy Chapman Gibbs Verity Chapman Gibbs
10:12 Richard Wise Sarah Slade
10:14 Sue Booth Karen Blackburn
10:16 Peter Pawlik Charlie Adams
10:18 Janet Adams Ray Morriss
10:20 David Collins Simon Coiley
10:22 Timothy Bull Kathryn Jones
10:24 Benjamin Collins Stephen Collins
10:26 Jake Powell Al Powell
10:28 Linda Cairns
10:30 Keith Finnett Philip Ingham

Change your start time or let us know if you can’t come using this form:

Next event – Staveley – 7th November

Despite the Richmond event taking place on the wettest day since records began, it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the Covid safe practices worked successfully.

So, the next event is on Saturday 7th November, based at The Royal Oak, Staveley, near Knaresborough. As with Richmond, there will be a maximum capacity for the event (50), so please enter online to confirm your place.

Online entry here (until midnight November 4th or event full)

Entry will be online only (i.e. no entry on the day and no spare maps).

Riders will set off solo or in pairs at 2 minute intervals between 9.30 and 10.30. When you enter, you can choose one of 3 waves (9.30 – 9.50 | 9.50 – 10.10 | 10.10 – 10.30). We’ll allocate individual start times when people enter, and then publish the list on the website a few days before.

We are grateful to the pub for being the evnt centre, however, Covid restrictions will mean providing some details in advance for food – we’ll email everyone who enters closer to the day.

The event is planned to go ahead based on the current restrictions, obviously if those change then we will review the status of the event.

Full details here: NYMBO Winter 2020-21 v1

Richmond Results

Richmond Control Map

Richmond Control Map

Here are today’s results. Richmond Results

Great to see 31 riders turn up despite the weather and they all came back having thoroughly enjoyed it.I enjoyed planning the course in much better weather and hope the fitter riders didn’t mind being forced to head to the NW of the map but it is cracking countryside.

Today’s winners can have a free ride next month so please send an email via the NYMBO web page rather than enter online. 

  • M21 Nuno Cerqueira
  • M50 All Powell
  • W21 Louise Gossage & Clare Barber
  • X21 Gill & Paul Crane
  • Gen Andy & Verity Chapman-Gibbs

Thanks to Richmond Golf Club for allowing the event to go ahead in the current circumstances. Hope to see you next month somewhere near Harrogate. 

Thanks to Steve Willis for organising an excellent event – after such a big gap in our events, hopefully this one marks the start of a successful winter season.