Planning for event 2 (Howardian Hills)

Terrington Moor

Terrington Moor

Dr Danny Chan and I have taken on the task of planning the second event in this years NYMBO League.  Although we planned the summer event in Hovingham last year, neither of us have planned a “proper” bikeo before – despite having ridden quite a few. It’s interesting for us, as I could be fairly described a “not the quickest rider” and Dr Chan has been described as “navigationally challenged.”

So our aspiration is to plan a good ride for both 2hr and 4hr competitors, and with controls in fairly straightforward places. This means no controls hidden knee deep in brambles; attached to live cows; or needing snorkel gear to find them in water-filled trenches.  I know those last two have never happened but having been to Driffield there’s always a first time. Although this will help riders on the day, it’s mainly to help Danny and I get the controls in the right places the day before.

Dr Chan was otherwise engaged in a secret mission this weekend, but he let me spend the time deciding on the locations of about half the controls. Saturday was marred by a flat tyre and an inept repair, but when the sun was out on Sunday it was a great February day for biking. The view in the photo is of one of the controls not far from the start at Terrington. The other bonus was seeing various deer, rabbits, and due to my frequent breaks, a Great-spotted Woodpecker.

I was quite pleased to get a farmers permission to use a mark track permissive rather than cycle across a field, and I’ve learned that it takes time to check good control locations so the next six weeks will go quickly. I’m hoping for a dry, sunny Easter!


3 thoughts on “Planning for event 2 (Howardian Hills)

  1. reg0805

    You wouldn’t think I was involved in Orienteering when I can’t tell the difference between Ryedale and Howardian Hills!
    Ryedale 10/3 and Howardian Hills 7/4


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