Howardian Hills this weekend

Danny at control

After weeks of planning in great weather and on bone dry tracks, this week’s weather is just a little strange, but we’re all set for a great event on Saturday.

Over the past few weeks we’ve cycled all the bridleways on the map, planned more controls than we needed and hopefully planned a good course that riders on either the 2 or 4 hours will enjoy. We’ve made some changes where we either a) got it wrong b) found the bridleway didn’t exist or c) just thought it would make it easier for everyone. Jens has made an excellent map, and the little tweaks should help everyone.

This picture is Dan at one of the controls, but it’s not giving anything away as we’ve used quite a few fingerposts as control points.

Our remaining task before the event is to make sure that we get all 30 controls in the right place.

See you on Saturday

Dave and Danny

1 thought on “Howardian Hills this weekend

  1. stevewillis3

    Online entries have now closed with 83 riders having booked a map. If you still want to ride you can send an email or just turn up on the day and hope to get one of the 30 spare maps. Glad the event isn’t today as there are 6 inches of snow at Richmond and the North York Moors look covered as well. Can’t believe that we were cycling on dry tracks in t-shirts and shorts at the weekend but hopefully it will warm up and thaw over the next 3 days.


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