Howardian Hills – Comments

Terrington event finish

Terrington Village Hall - Finish

It was great for Danny and I to see so many riders returning utterly exhausted but having enjoyed a great ride. Over the past few weeks we  have been enjoyed planning the event in great weather for the time of year, and despite the onset of snow earlier this week, most of the tracks remained firm. We worked hard to plan our event so it was stretching for the best riders and enjoyable for all. It was great to see Andy Conn get round every control (something that I know Dan could do in a day, but I couldn’t), but also from the comments we had that everyone managed a good ride. Everyone seemed to find all the controls without incident (although I know one or two were a bit high up!). Perhaps, with hindsight we could have shifted the 30 pointer at control 27 to somewhere better but that was about the only change we think would have been needed.

Thanks to Steve for his guidance, Jens for a great map, the riders who helped with the controls, and everyone who came for making the whole event a success – I’m going to examine the splits with interest later to see where everyone went!

Danny & Dave man the finish line

2 thoughts on “Howardian Hills – Comments

  1. Michael Connor

    Thanks for putting on a great event. All the hard work you put in riding the trails paid off for us the competitors and of course the sun even came out later to round off the day.
    2 top class events to start off with and we are barely into April. Looking forward to Blanchland (Hope I dont get lost?)


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