6 thoughts on “Map now available for Saturday’s event

    1. stevewillis3

      We have got 98 pre-entries so I have extended the online entries until midnight on Wednesday. I will be giving Jens the final numbers so that he prints enough maps for everyone plus 20 for entry on the day. Make sure that you collect your free parking permit from the marshal and display it on your dashboard. Cafe and bike shop open all day and some cracking riding to look forward to. The tracks are drying up nicely and it’s a great forecast for the rest of the week (until the weekend!!).
      We have only got 14 pre-entries for the Wheldrake & Bishopwood MBO Sprint events on Sunday. Hopefully there will be a few more entries before they close on Friday. Andrew Windrum has planned 3 excellent courses in each wood so I hope there are enough riders to make his har work worthwhile.


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