Bishop Wilton – start times are 10-1100 Saturday

The Start times at Bishop Wilton are from 10.00 until 11.00 with registration opening at 9.30 and we have got 70 pre-entries. Jens has printed 20 spare maps for entries on the day. Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Bishop Wilton – start times are 10-1100 Saturday

  1. Jackie Aspden

    Thanks to everyone re Saturday’s event from planners, the lady & gentleman overseeing the carpark entry & finish, etc. Never ridden there before but lovely scenery though cruel re gradients. In future please remind students that they have more important priorities than the other day. Progressing through the changes in my life & coming to terms with managing HRT – lots of thanks to Karen, Geoff, Steve & Andrea, etc.,etc for their acceptance. After an event before Christmas for D&W when I was semi-delirious I have started to think to allow for physical reductions. To hell with the results – am beginning to enjoy events again. That is the magic of these events even through the difficult occasions of gradient or navigational choice.


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