New email management

As part of improving the website, we’re also trying to improve how you get our updates by email. This should provide anyone who wants to get email updates from with an easy way to subscribe and for existing people to manage their details.

We sent out an email on Sunday 20th November to everyone, so if you didn’t get that email, this post explains what to do. It also says a little more about how we’ll manage the list, if you’re interested.

Our list has just over 800 email addresses, all of them provided to Steve Willis by individuals. We’ve only used the email addresses provided to us and not gathered them from any other source. However,  we know that people change their interests and email addresses over time, so our new solution makes it easy for people to unsubscribe or to change any of their details (name, email address, etc).

If you want to signup to our list please click here

If you want to unsubscribe, please click: Unsubscribe from our newsletter

To update your details either use the link in the email, or use the signup form.

A few other things:

  • We’ll only use this list to send you updates about the NYMBO and NEMBOS leagues. We’ll never let anyone else have the list for any reason.
  • We”ll be following the strict rules from the service provider (which is Mailchimp, click on the link if you want to know more).
  • One of these means we can’t include emails with ‘role based’ email addresses. These include ‘admin@’, ‘”info@”, “sales@” and so on. If you use an email like this, unfortunately we couldn’t include your email on the list, so you’ll need tup add your email address using the  sign-up form.
  • If you use the sign-up form, you’ll get an automatic confirmation email that you’ll need to click to be added to the list.
  • Please make sure you’ve added to your contacts so you get our emails.
  • The frequency of email updates will stay the same as before.
  • Our website will be the main source of information, and you’ll find links to Facebook and Twitter on there if you’d prefer to get your updates that way rather than email.

Hopefully, we’re improving our communications to be even better than before and ensure that you get information in the way you want to. If you have any feedback, that would be most welcome.

Dave Robertson
(the NYMBO internet man)

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