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80 riders turned up for our first event of 2012 – a record for a Saturday morning event. Thanks to Andy Gibbs for planning an excellent course, the Jefferson Arms for an excellent event centre and Jens Strain for his usual high standard of mapping. Everyone seemed to enjoy their rides despite the wind. Although it’s a very flat area with ahigh pointof 20 metres there were some excellent tracks and quiet country lanes. Thorganby was on the edge of the competition area so quite a few riders were late back but the leaders got it right again.

I enjoyed my ride but unfortunately tried to get across the indistinct bridleway between 28 and 14 so 2 punctures and a 400m muddy carry proved to be a poor route choice. However, I decided not to try to get over to the old railway line and rode through the picturesque Escrick Park Estate instead. Quite a few extra tracks in there so we may ask to go back next year using a 1-25000 map.

Congratulations to the category winners and here are their routes

Andy Conn Overall winner with 399 points

I decided at the start that I wanted to go to the south west of the map because there seemed to be many 30 pointers there.  So straight there without messing around with in and outs to small value controls. Then up the west side of the map and then worry about getting back when the minutes were getting short. 

so…5 23 2 12 19 26 15 30 21 11 20 10 29 22 17 27 9 24 14 28

(should have gone to 18 first and ignored 5 but didn’t want to  have a muddy bike early in the day;  only 300m on a bridleway at Thornhill Farm?  A poor excuse I know….)

Martin & Max Vesty Generation winners and 3rd overall with 335 points in 26 miles

I didn’t have to ease off too much for Max except for the bits into the wind when he couldn’t get enough shelter from the wind. Route terrain worked out well for us.
We set off with a rough plan to go for the nearby 30 pointer at 28 (via 7 farmhouse) and then swing south and across A19 get as much as possible go north and come back. However, riding into the wind so much we decided to change plans on the hoof and carry on heading North via Escrick Park, via 3, 25, and exit at 13. We then wanted to get the northerly 30pointer so headed towards Wheldrake, picking up 14,24 and 8 at Wheldrake. Then looped back to 9 to get to 30 pointer at 27. We then headed to A19 and Deighton. We had planned to go for 17 but decided time was getting on after last months event oversight regarding time, we decided to miss that one and went straight for 22. Then down the fast trail path to get 29 and 26. Quick trip to church in Riccall to pick up 15 then across A19 again to head home. Picked up 19, then into the lovely looking Skipwith common area to pick up 12 and 2. Another religious moment pausing at Skipwith church for 23. Then up round that lane and we hoped to go for 18 for 20 points but Max’s 13 year old legs were now beginning to tire from the fast pace. We therefore went back via 5 not wanting to risk any more bridleways slowing us down, making it back to base bang on cue in 120mins and none extra (this time!).

We’ve got 2 events next month. Our usual Saturday morning 2 hour MBO Score event at Bullamoor near Northallerton planned by John Dixon on Saturday 18th Feb and a Medium MBO (Fixed route) event at Gilling Woods near Easingwold planned by Andrew Windrum on Sunday 19th.

Hope to see you at one or both of them.

Steve Willis

1 thought on “Thorganby Comments

  1. Tim Evans

    Well done Martin, Max and Andy. Agree with comments about 1:25,000 as numerous extra tracks made navigation harder especially in the area south of Escrick. my route for interest was about 30 miles in total

    Andy made the correct choice in missing out point 18 asthe Bridleway wasn’t as clear as it could be through the farm and Martin Skipwith common probably looks better with the wind behind you as the grins on your faces showed when we passed.


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