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Winter Events start on November 10th

SAT 10th NOVEMBER 2018 Ellerton Lakeside Cafe, Scorton, Richmond DL10 6AP
SAT 15th DECEMBER 2018 South Lodge, Harrogate Road, Ripon HG4 1ST
SAT 19th JANUARY 2019 Worsley Arms, Hovingham YO62 4LA
SAT 16th FEBRUARY 2019 Squinting Cat, Harrogate HG3 1QE
SAT 30th MARCH 2019 Deramore Arms, South York Area
COURSE 2 hour Mountain Bike Orienteering Score event
MAP Pre-marked 1-40,000 A4 colour extract of OS Sheet
REGISTER 9.15 -10.15 STARTS 9.30 – 10.30
FEES ADULTS – £5.00 JUNIORS – £3.00
Save £1 by entering online at
FACILITIES Parking and toilets at the pub

You must wear a helmet and pairs must stay together at all times.
Please obey the highway and country codes
At registration you will receive your control card and description list
There are 30 controls worth 525 points – and the usual penalties for lateness
Controls are signs/dates etc on minor roads and bridleways
You will need a waterproof pen to write the answers on your control card
Small prizes for the winning solo or pair in each category at each event
Bar meals and refreshments in the pub afterwards.
Please order your bar meal at registration before you start
Please join BMBO (only £6) on line beforehand and save time and money at registration
Results will be posted on the NYMBO & BMBO web pages
Only 5 classes
M21 Senior Men M50 Veteran Men W21 All Women
X21 Mixed Teams Gen Generation Teams


Cropton Forest Map and Report

Thanks to Andy & Corinne Parsons for planning an excellent course, Tim Evans for an excellent map and everyone who helped.

Results including split times here.

Here is the map so that you can follow the riders’ routes – and/or see what you missed

Cropton Final map

Planner’s report:

Corinne and I had a really good day in the forest on Friday riding round in glorious sunshine getting the controls set up. I’m sure all the riders agree we could not have wanted a better day for the event.

It was quite surprising how much the tracks had dried up over the last few days. So much so that both the soft track around the far north east of the map overlooking Newtondale escarpment and the bridleway down to 55 at Cawthorne beck became unexpectedly enjoyable rides.

With the tracks having dried out I was anticipating that the fastest riders may have been just about able to clear the course in the allocated 3 hours. However the highest score was Mark Rowley’s 483 so gladly it was about right.

It was good to hear so many comments from riders on their return saying how they had really enjoyed their rides. There were a couple of people that struggled to find control 37 on the footbridge but those that did confirmed it was in the correct place.
It was a shame we only had 43 riders. Thanks to everyone for coming, and especially thanks to all the helpers. Thanks also to the Keldy Cabins site management for letting us use the cafe and their facilities.
Andy Parsons

Hawes Comments, Results and Map.

Thanks to Stage1Cycles for hosting the event and Tim for an excellent map. Fortunately, the snow had melted lower down so 27 of the original 30 controls were still accessible. (22, 27 & 17 were knee deep). Congratulations to local rider Mark Daniel who won overall and well done to Generation pair Steve & Ben Collins for finishing second. I thoroughly enjoyed planning the course in January and deliberately restricted the course to the roads in 2 valleys. The ford at Marsett was interesting and tested some riders resolve but well done for turning up and enjoying yourselves.

Hawes Results

Hawes Winter MBO Course.jpg

The date of the Ingleton event is definitely on Saturday 7th July.

NYMBO 2018 Poster

Dave Robertson will update the web pages when he gets back from skiing.

Hopefully see you at the first league event at Cropton on April 21st.

Thank you for your support for the last 20 years

Thank you again for your kind comments and the gift vouchers after the end of season presentation at Grantley. I am now the proud owner of a Skycaddie so that I can find my way around a golf course successfully; a new ski jacket and salopettes so that I look the part on the slopes despite my technique; and a winter biking jacket and tights so that I will be warmer in January at Tadcaster than I was last week at Thornton Watlass.

Brendan Smurthwaite and Paul Dobson have planned 2 cracking courses and Tim Evans drew an excellent first map. We have got 3 more winter events then next season’s planners are all sorted except for a forest event in April. Any volunteers?? Helen Pollard at Stage1Cycles is ready to take over as the NYMBO secretary so hopefully I can just ride next year (and keep an eye on things in the background).

Merry Christmas and I hope to see many of you at lots of NYMBO events in 2018

Ribblesdale Comments & Map

Congratulations to everyone for finishing, Graham Tibbot for another excellent score, Geoff, Alastair & John for their help and Alex for an excellent course. Here’s the map

2017 Ribblesdale 50000 Working Drawing with Controls 7th May
Planner’s Report
Gill Garth Farm played host to this years 5hr NYMBO event. So how was it? Maybe it is best described as wet. Well, it actually rained non-stop from start to finish, puddles became lakes, streams soon became rivers, water levels rising and floods everywhere – even the parked cars where looking in jeopardy at one point. Its fair to say that the riders were not to keen to start out, even the cow-shed that played host to the event was just too luring and comfortable… but slowly as the clock nudged 10 then one-by-one the riders started, hoping the rain would abate, but it didn’t.
So to the course, I was invited to use Gill Garth Farm, by the Wilson family who farm there, they are the best people around and allow me to do a Fell Race from there as well as the BMBO event and of course the 3 Peaks CX that comes through it. So We owe a really big thanks to them. The northerly location of the base allowed me to plan a course around the upper reaches of Ribblesdale and on to some of the less frequented and more mountainous trails. The route effectively circumnavigated Ingleborough, with a few ‘control clusters’ scattered about the area. Some favourites of the riders, such as the Wharfe single tracks where used, with reports of the slate clapper bridge near CP45 being submerged… My apologies for CP39, the ‘cattle-grid’ location was out by about 100m on the map and also a missing finger post at CP45 meant that a more hidden stone gate post had to be used.
I like to plan a course that is ideally just achievable by the ‘top-bombers’, so it was nice to see that Graham Tibbot got a score of 509 today, on a good day he would have done it I’m sure – so kudos to Graham. However Graham’s kudos has been revoked as he had a whole team of people searching the field getting drenched looking for his missing car key, that later mysteriously reappeared in the middle of his van… It was pleasing to see a good turnout of juniors as well – they loved riding the puddles and the rivers and it made me wonder at what age is it that you consciously avoid a puddle at all cost??? – kids love ’em, I hate the things personally.
Big well done to every who turned up and rode (I won’t mention his name but some chap came from the Loughborough region forgot his bike shoes – anything to avoid a ride in a bit of Yorkshire rain!). Considering the weather most people used most of the 5hrs and got some pretty respectable scores across all the classes, but there were one or two ‘late backs’ that cost them ‘a bit’, but hey never mind!
Happing riding – Alex Pilkington

Cropton Forest Comments

Cropton Forest Organiser’s Comments

Dave Lloyd planned an excellent course with plenty of route choice avoiding the worst of the muddy single tracks. I imagine that most riders will have gone further than they normally do in a 3 hour forest event. It was forecast to be windy but it was nice and sheltered in the forest.
Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map; Dave Lloyd for putting out all of the controls; Geoff Moorhouse, Karen Blackburn, Frank & Sandra Appleton for their help on the day; then Dave Lloyd, Ray Morriss, Andrew Windrum, Tim Evans, Dave Evans, Adrian & Luke Parker for collecting them in so that we could leave by 6.00.

It was great to see nearly 70 riders for the first event of the season including quite a few newcomers. Congratulations to Andy Conn (M50) for winning overall and nearly clearing up with 513 points; Andrew Windrum M40-480; Adrian & Luke Parker Gen-392; Dennis Jaques M60-385; Sheila Pearce W40-381; Ray Morris M70-375; James Martin M21-365; Karen Blackburn W70-270; Ben Houlihan M18-250  You can follow all of their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

I enjoyed my ride as I was able to miss out the low value controls and  the Hartoft valley so that I got back in time to download the first finishers.
Unfortunately, 2 controls (47 & 57) were put out in each other’s location and #49 had been incorrectly programmed as #31. I have hopefully adjusted all of your scores but please let me know if yours is still incorrect.

Thanks also to the staff at Keldy Cabins for accommodating us. The cafe made an excellent event centre and I managed to avoid seeing the rugby scores before I got home.

Please note that the Gilling MTBO event planned for May 6th has been cancelled so you can now save your energy for the Howardian Hills event in the afternoon.

Don’t forget that I will be retiring at the end of the season after 20 years so the Nidderdale event will be my last. I would like to hear from someone who is interested in taking on the coordinators’s role or a few people who would like to manage the events between them. I will still plan an event every year and ride whenever we’re not on holiday, seeing the family or playing golf!!

The next event will be a 4 hour Score event on the Yorkshire Wolds based at Bishop Wilton village hall. Karen & Richard Clark have planned an excellent course so I hope to see you there.

Planner’s comments

After my first planning visit in January, slithering and sliding about on some of the smaller tracks, I decided to put all controls on or near to a road or track which would be reliable whatever the weather. So, to make it competitive for the elite riders, I stretched the area almost to the limit. I didn’t really expect anyone to score over 500 but as ever Andy Conn proved me wrong.

Quite a crowd built up eager to be off as soon as possible after 12:00. I couldn’t decide if they were keen to get back in time for the England /Ireland match or wanted to give themselves a chance of picking up a spot prize. As it happens not one of the 15 people who visited #37 claimed that particular token.

My thanks go to Keldy Cabins who made us most welcome at an excellent venue and as ever to the collectors; Dave, Andy, Tim, Adrian, Luke and Ray.
Dave Lloyd. Course planner


I AM VERY SORRY BUT THE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED (at 7am on Saturday morning) DUE TO THE SNOW THAT HAS FALLEN OVERNIGHT AND THE SLEET THAT IS FORECAST FOR THIS MORNING. If you have entered the event online your fee will be refunded by BACS or credited towards your next NYMBO event. Please let Steve Willis know what you want to do.


Stanley Grove at 7am

Beckwithshaw Results & Comments

It’s exactly 20 years since I planned my first ever MBO course at the Eborienteers event on Allerthorpe Common  in 1997!! Thanks to Tim Evans for planning today’s excellent course, Jens for another excellent map and the staff at the Smiths Arms for coping with an unexpected number of riders. It’s a beautiful area between Harrogate and Wharfedale with pleasant country lanes and bridleways without too many severe hills. It was brilliant to see so many riders who all enjoyed the course and congratulations to our first ever female overall winner – Pippa Archer (W21) with 400 points. The other class winners were Steve Turland & Tim Harvey M40-395, Tony Thornley M60-380 (in his first MBO event), Geoff Moorhouse & Andrea Foster X60-295, Steve & Ben Collins (Gen-294), Karen Blackburn W70-294. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as usual and decided to head west which worked well until the less than excellent bridleway east of #16. My route was 1 6 26 11 21 2 17 27 7 28 13 3 20 12 22 16 23 19 9. I’ve asked the leading riders to post their routes here so that you can see where they went.



Our next event is at the Grapes Inn at Slingsby on the north edge of the Howardian Hills on Saturday 11th February. Hope to see you there. Steve


Here is the fixture list for next year. No changes from this year. Same prices, 10 events with your best 5 score to count and spot prizes at every event.  Thanks to the 10 volunteers who have offered to plan the events. Offers of help on the day are always welcome especially control collection.

nymbo-2017-league-fixtures (updated 12-Feb-2017)

Have a great Christmas and I hope to see you in 2017.

Cheers, Steve

Newton on Ouse Results

Here are the results so please let me know if there are any mistakes


Here is the map so that you can see where you would have ridden


Congratulations to the leading riders (I’ll ask them to post their routes) and it was great to see 59 riders just 2 weeks before Christmas.  I thoroughly enjoyed my ride without ever getting higher than 34 metres above sea level so no chance to relax as their were no down hill sections other than the railway bridges! My route was 11 20 26 3 1 19 2 8 6 15 4 7 24 30 28 18 16 14 23 10 and I was just disappointed that my map was folded just south of Helperby so I turned left 800m of #29. Thanks to Andrew for an excellent course which I thought was going to be too large when I saw the 1-60,000 map but he was right as usual. Andy Conn might have cleared up if he hadn’t split his tyre. Thanks to Jens for another excellent map and to the staff at the Blacksmiths Arms for their friendly welcome. Our next event is on January 21st at Beckwithshaw which will be slightly hillier. Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas, Steve

PS Our apartment in Samoens is still free for a few weeks this ski season (including February half-term and Easter) so get in touch if you are interested.

Planner’s Comments

First of all thank you all for coming, it was amazing to see so many people out in such warm weather.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  When Steve asked if I could organise a winter treasure hunt I was expecting about 10 people to turn up so was massively surprised when Steve said on Thursday that there were 40 pre entries.
The area around Newton, as you now know, is very flat so I decided to spread the controls out and use a 1:60,000 scale.  Despite that there were some excellent high scores and Andy Conn had already scored 250 in his first hour before a puncture out a stop to his dominance.  He might take an inner tube on his next race.  The legend that is Tim Evans was the overall winner demonstrating just how good this sport is that a gentlemen of his maturity 😉 can perform so well. At the other end of the spectrum we had quite a number of young kids taking part which was great to see.