Thank you for your support for the last 20 years

Thank you again for your kind comments and the gift vouchers after the end of season presentation at Grantley. I am now the proud owner of a Skycaddie so that I can find my way around a golf course successfully; a new ski jacket and salopettes so that I look the part on the slopes despite my technique; and a winter biking jacket and tights so that I will be warmer in January at Tadcaster than I was last week at Thornton Watlass.

Brendan Smurthwaite and Paul Dobson have planned 2 cracking courses and Tim Evans drew an excellent first map. We have got 3 more winter events then next season’s planners are all sorted except for a forest event in April. Any volunteers?? Helen Pollard at Stage1Cycles is ready to take over as the NYMBO secretary so hopefully I can just ride next year (and keep an eye on things in the background).

Merry Christmas and I hope to see many of you at lots of NYMBO events in 2018

1 thought on “Thank you for your support for the last 20 years

  1. Michael Ogle

    Thanks for your massive contributions you have made to ensuring our fantastic sport has continued to have a North Yorkshire stronghold over the last two decades. Your enthusiasm, good cheer and passion has been the core and backbone of MTBO nationally and especially in NYorks – thank you!


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