Tadcaster event – January 13th 2018

Details of the first event of 2018, enter online here

This event is organised by Rik Thompson – Rik could use a bit of help at registration, if you’re able to do that, please comment on this post or on the Nymbo Strava group

It will be nice to revisit the Coach & Horses in Tadcaster following our last event from there 2 years ago. Those who rode the event will remember what a lovely, sunny winters day it wasn’t! Yes there was freezing rain, wind, sleet, just about everything mother nature could throw at us in a few short hours, at least this year the weather can’t be as bad, can it?

As most of you will have seen shortly after the event the bridge at Tadcaster collapsed cutting the town in two for over a year and the Coach & Horses was flooded to about waist height for some time. Fortunately it has been refurbished and is open once again ready to serve us some warm food and cold beer on our return.

This time we will be heading off to the East towards Copmanthorpe using the network of quiet roads and a few bridleways. Last time I was a little disappointed that very few rode the tracks around Hazelwood and Hook Moor as they were fast gravel tracks which were a lot more fun than the roads, to try and even it out a bit for the guys on MTB’s this time I will keep some of the big pointers on bridleways as I know how fast my club rides can get round this area with it being so flat. I was out yesterday on the cx bike and apart from one BW across a ploughed field and one 200m section of another all the bridleways were holding up well to say Christmas is almost upon us.

So I shall say a Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully I will see plenty of you at the Coach & Horses in the new year.



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