I AM VERY SORRY BUT THE EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED (at 7am on Saturday morning) DUE TO THE SNOW THAT HAS FALLEN OVERNIGHT AND THE SLEET THAT IS FORECAST FOR THIS MORNING. If you have entered the event online your fee will be refunded by BACS or credited towards your next NYMBO event. Please let Steve Willis know what you want to do.


Stanley Grove at 7am

3 thoughts on “SLINGSBY MBO EVENT

  1. Jackie Aspden

    Not sure what is happening to me & mbo this year. Managed two events so far – one a very steep learning curve after months of hormones leading to illness and missing a Dark & White event as a precaution. Vandalism to my transport prevented travel to a Midlands event and now just returned from Slingsby after 2 & 1/4 hour drive each way. Perhaps today was for the best as A&E on monday suggested rest rather than competition after an off last w/e.

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    My apologies to you again and the other 5 riders who travelled to the event. I hope the 3 of you who went for a ride enjoyed yourselves.We will start next winter’s programme with this course in November. Sleet still falling here in Richmond.


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