Bullamoor MBO

After a wet start everyone managed to stay dry and the snow showers didn’t arrive until after we all got home. Thanks to John Dixon for planning the course, Jens Strain for another excellent map and the Fox and Hounds for a warm welcome when we finished.
Edwyn Oliver-Evans got it right this time to not only beat his Dad but also Andy Conn – which not many people manage. Andy got his usual 400 points with 1 penalty but it wasn’t enough to win overall. Martin & Max Vesty finished second again with a brilliant score of 353 to win the Generation class. Pippa Archer was the first female rider, Ralph & Chris Defty outscored the other mixed teams and I manage to beat the older riders. I enjoyed my ride having decided to head south so that I could ride along the Landmoth ridge with brilliant views on all directions. I then noticed that 4 of the 30 point controls were north of Northallerton so headed up there but only had time to visit 2 of them.
My route was 12 4 23 10 25 26 21 18 20 24 17 13 19 29 11 30 7 and I’ll add the other winning routes when they arrive.
This was the last winter MBO event so the first league event of the year is only 3 weeks away at Duncombe Park near Helmsley in Ryedale. Please enter online if possible and I hope to see you there.
The league posters are online the web page so please download a copy for your local bike shop or biking group.
The results are below so please let me know if there are any mistakes

Bullamoor results

Race report from Martin Vesty

Today’s route was immediately determined by the location of the 30 pointers. We had also decided to avoid as much bridleway as possible with the damp ground likely to be heavy going for young Max’s 13yrs old legs, despite the super light Moonglu Whyte’s C19 we were both riding.

We set off looking to pick up 14 & 7 on the way to Brompton and we immediately ditched the first one (14) having looked at the muddy field. 15 points missed but we felt we’d do better using the time elsewhere later. After 7 we quickly picked up 2 and rode out to 30. We then headed further north to 29, 27 and 28 via 16, to avoid the direct bridleway to 28, which again we felt would be heavy going.

We then picked off 1, 24 and 17 and had decided that the better route for the remaining time would be to go further down the east side riding the short main road and lane to 20. The muddy lane to 18 was the muddiest we had it for the whole ride but then onward to 21 and 26 (the last 30 pointer) gave cracking views over to the Cleveland hills with the wind behind us. The bridge for 25 was just down the hill and at the road junction after 25 we had 9 mins left which ruled out grabbing 10 and 4. From here we headed as direct as we could back to base via 12 and with Max on my wheel it was team Moonglu time trial style back, with just two mins over the 2 hours needed to finish with 353 points.

More top riding from young Max !

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