Silton & Boltby Forest Results

Basic results here SiltonBoltbyResults

Full splits available at

Silton & Boltby – Organiser’s Comments

I was looking forward to riding in the forests again after two events on the moors but the heavy rain this year ensured that we had a mudbath to contend with and the best tracks were on the moors. However, Michael had planned an excellent course with a good variety of tracks and plenty of route choice. Many of you, like me, tried the first 2 tracks in Silton Forest and decided to stick to forest roads for the rest of the ride. Congratulations to Andy Conn on another excellent score closely followed by Duncan Archer. Obviously Fontainbleu was perfect training forNorth Yorkshire. Mike Nayler was back on form to win M50 as was John Dixon in M60. Sue Booth won the Ladies section and Christine & Ralph just outscored Steve & Andrea in the mixed. Richard and James Martin took advantage of the Vesty’s absence to win the Generation category and Ed took it easy with a big race next weekend to win M18.

John Dixon is calculating the league points and the updated positions will be posted soon.

Thanks to all of the helpers, especially the control collectors who didn’t get too wet. Thanks also to Jens Strain for another excellent map. There were a few problems and, as this was Michael’s first attempt at planning, I should have given him more guidance. Some of the controls were more difficult to find than usual and some of the descriptions were confusing. Controls 37, 46 and 59 caused problems for a few riders so I have decided to award the points to anyone who couldn’t find them. Please let me know if you were late because you spent time looking for them and I will adjust your time accordingly. As a general principle at NYMBO and NEMBOS events, if you are certain that you are in the right place and can’t find the control, don’t waste time looking for it. Just make a note of your time and let us know when you finish. We aren’t trying to hide the controls but we occasionally get it wrong and don’t want to spoil your ride. Unfortunately #36 was destroyed overnight and I have added 10 points to everyone who added their names to the list. Please let me know if I missed you out.

Steve Willis

Planner’s Comments

I was pleased when Steve asked me to plan this event, having ridden there quite often I thought I knew the forest quite well, but during the planning I discovered I did not know it as well as I thought. This was the first event I have planned, judging by the recent weather I was quite surprised but pleased by the number of riders that turned out. 
I tried to do an even spread of check points between the two main forest areas and I think it worked well. When I was putting out the checkpoints on Friday I realised just how wet and hard going it would for the riders. 
All the returning riders commented rather surprisingly about the amount of mud about, living in England isn’t that summer!
I would like to thank Steve and Jens for all the help they gave me, also a thank you to all the riders who helped collect the checkpoints in, great team effort . 
As I have taken part in Trailquests for some time this added another dimension for me so if you have a favourite area give it a go.

Mick Brough

 There are 4 events next month so please enter online or send me an email.

Saturday 11th August Hamsterley Forest

4 hour NEMBOS league event – longer than last year but all controls in the forest on 2 maps with Odds and Even Controls and parking at The Grove Car Park.

Wednesday 15th August Hambleton Inn, Sutton Bank

2 hour NYMBO Summer evening Score event on the Hambleton Hills

Saturday, 25th August Malham Moors

4 hour NYMBO League event and part of the Malham Show

Monday, 27th August Wykeham & Broxa Forest

3 hour NYMBO League event and part of the White Rose Weekend

Hope to see you at another event soon.

Steve Willis

PS Don’t forget that all events (3 hours of longer) that use Sportident are included in the BMBO National Rankings with your best 10 scores to count

PPS I am still planning the Polaris is in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday/Sunday 22nd/23rd September and there will be 5 options – 7&5 hours with overnight camp, 5&4 hours without overnight camp, 4 hours on Saturday or 3 hours on Sunday, 40/20k fixed routes on Saturday and 30/15k fixed routes on Sunday. Plenty of choice for all abilities so why not enter?

1 thought on “Silton & Boltby Forest Results

  1. 1daverobertson

    An interesting event, I had a great first 2 hours and rubbish final hour that resulted in the loss of 60 points. The sight of the ever inspiration Mr Conn riding smoothly past me as I struggled up the Cleveland Way between #48 and #56 gave me something to spur me onwards. But I rode straight past #40 whilst trying to fix my map board and spent to much time trying to work my way back from #59 to the finish (although I found it without issue). My shortish route is here:


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