Sutton Bank MBO Result

Hambleton Results

With only 7 pre-entries it was never going to be a busy evening but the weather decided to put everyone off. Driving rain and fog greeted the few riders to arrive so that David Day was the only one to actually start. Thanks to those brave fools who made it to the car park. DD shamed me into setting off but after 5 minutes I decided that I’d had enough and went back to the welcoming Hambleton Inn for my meal and well earned pint. Thanks to John Dixon for planning the course and we will use it on a bright sunny November morning instead.
The numbers at this summer’s series of events have been very disappointing so it is unlikely that they will be repeated next year. Instead, I will arrange a monthly ride from different pubs in North Yorkshire where old maps will be available for those who want to have a go. Please let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Sutton Bank MBO Result

  1. Tim Evans


    I have really enjoyed the two summer evening events I did this year, the problem I with doing more is the choice of Wednesday and getting to the start by 6:30 pm. Was the higher turnout at Harewood a result of a Tuesday date or ease of access for riders? Other thoughts are shorter rides say 90minutes with a later start ?

    Look forward to other comments


    1. stevewillis3 Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts and glad you think it’s worth trying to continue with the events. We definitely need more publicity next year. Karen Blackburn has already offered to act as publicity officer for NEMBOS. Any volunteers out there in North Yorkshire?
      90 minutes and a later, shorter start period sound like good ideas as well as some veterans going round with beginners.

  2. Martin Vesty

    Unfortunate about the weather last night. We braved the rain at home to go up to Sutton Bank and as Steve said, the main worry I had was the poor visibility out on the roads even when it wasn’t hurling it down. We sat and waited in the shelter of the car then after 30mins gave up and returned home.

    I’ve ridden one event, would have ridden more but was racing on the roads in a Thursday league and evenings are often too much for Max with school the next day and homework. We had planned to get both the summer holidays events in. I don’t think you can win with the particular evening as we also often race on Tuesdays at Crits.

    Perhaps on Tim’s suggestion a 1hr MBO score sprint with a later start time ?

  3. 1daverobertson

    Like Tim I wonder if Harewood was more popular because it was easy for people to get to after work. Fewston was busy last year too. The poor weather hasn’t encouraged people to ride much generally either. But Harewood and Boroughbridge were both good events this year – and I wonder if we should try to find a way to promote them to people who’ve not done mbo before – they’re a good way to get involved and more experienced riders could give some coaching.

  4. reg0805

    Does it have to be a weekday evening? Would Sunday be better? Morning or evening? I am not sure about 90 minutes, do we want to put ourselves out travelling etc for “only” an hour and a half?
    Does it have to be a pub? Just thinking or farm cafes like Roots (near East Rounton) where you could have tea and cake or a lunch if the event was on a morning. Obviously more limited choice of suitable venues but we only want a few.
    Should the questions be more difficult and stricter marking, making it doubly cerebral, route choice and puzzles for questions? Face value for getting there, bonus points for getting it right!

  5. David Day

    You can’t do much about the weather and in conditions that we experienced at Sutton Bank, people will always vote with their feet – however with a bit of planning …. ie good waterproofs & hi-vis, the event was possble (my top half was almost dry at the finish).
    Support generally has been poor for summer evening events and I would question if they are good use of the time of all those involved. The exception every year seems to be the North Leeds event which coincides with Bike Week and this is an opportunity to try to spread the bike O word.
    David Day


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