Dalby & Langdale MBO Results

Dalby Results

and splits available now on the Ebor site


Planners Comments

Having planned and competed in these woods for over 40 years it is sometimes difficult to create a different feel to the event. Splitting the start from the finish was the first step; we then wanted to create decisions for competitors as often as possible, whilst allowing good fast riding!

We are very impressed with the high scores and with both Ian and Andy clearing all the controls inside 4 hours. Did anyone check for power assistance? Knowing how long it took to hang them all makes it even more awesome.

We were delighted to see so many puzzled faces as you got your maps. It certainly hit one of our targets of making you think. Judging by the comments at the finish it seems we succeeded! The hot, dry weather certainly helped but well done to all competitors – collecting controls from the top of Langdale was a pleasure on such a glorious evening, not a single piece of litter anywhere, except an adder skin which nearly caused an accident climbing up from Thompson’s Rigg!

NYMBO events are put on by a small team, lead magnificently by Steve Willis; A VERY BIG thank you to everyone who helped, but especially to the control collectors, Steve Watson, Steve Willis, Frank and Sandra Appleton in their 4×4, Matt and Harry Glaves, all of who, at the end of a long hot day, made it happen. How old to be a collector? 4 years apparently – Harry collected 34, 35 and 39, on the tagalong with his Dad Matt after doing 1.5 hours, without an ice cream, during the event! Hopefully you enjoyed today; to ensure we continue to provide this quality of event we need more people to be involved in putting something back through helping. Control collecting is an easy way, but after a 4 hour event seems daunting, however when there are lots doing it, it is relatively painless and you see the area in a different light! Not long after 6pm I collected my final control, number 60, and was treated to amazing sunlight over LangdaleForest and Thompson Rigg, and only saw one family group in over two hours of riding. Only problem – no camera!

Finally, a big thank you to our respective spouses – Sue and Richard – for their support and tolerance!

Steve Roberts and Karen Clark

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Steve & Karen for planning another excellent course, Jens for another excellent map and the helpers as ever for making the event run smoothly. High Rigg makes an excellent event centre and moving the start 3.5k east made the focus of the event different – and Langdale a lot closer. These are 2 great forests for mountain bike orienteering but there are fewer singletracks than in the past due to the purpose built tracks. Congratulations to Andy and Ian who just managed to clear all of the controls – but with only 5 minutes to spare which is about perfect for the rest of us!! Congratulations to all of the category winners but especially Andy Conn, Michael Nayler, Martin & Max Vesty and Steve & Andrea Foster who have been consistent enough to win their categories for the season with one event to go. 

The final event of the season will start at Dacre Village Hall in Nidderdale on Saturday 13th October. I am sure that David Day has planned another challenging course and hopefully there will be enough dry weather in the next 4 weeks to keep the tracks in good condition.

The Event Centre is at the village hall where refreshments will be on sale all day but car parking is in the sports field which is 400m away. The prizegiving will take place promptly at 3.30 so I hope you can stay to collect your prizes and/or applaud the winners. The prizes have been kindly donated by Muddybums and Yorkshire Dales Brewery

You can make it a weekend of mountain biking with the MBO Middle Distance event at Chopwell Woods on Sunday. Full details on the BMBO web site.

There will be 4 winter MBO events starting in November at Sutton Bank. Full details will be published by the end of the month. Hope to see you at another event soon

Steve Willis

PS You can still enter the Polaris in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday/Sunday 22nd/23rd September and there will be 5 options – 7&5 hours with overnight camp, 5&4 hours without overnight camp, 4 hours on Saturday or 3 hours on Sunday, 45/30k fixed routes on Saturday and 30/20k fixed routes on Sunday. Plenty of choice for all abilities and Jens has drawn the map so why not enter!! You can now enter the shorter courses online at www.bmbo.org.uk but you have to enter the 2 longer courses online at http://www.polarischallenge.com/event-entry.html. 150 entries so far

I have now got plenty of help for Friday and Saturday but still space for 2 more collectors on Sunday. One free ride for one day’s help!!


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