NYMBO Champions 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Champions

Men’s Champion – Andy Conn         Women’s Champion Sheila Pearce

M40 Andy Conn 496 points

M50 Mike Nayler 431

Gen Martin & Max Vesty 422

M60 John Dixon 408

X50 Steve & Andrea Foster 388

M21 Rob Harrison 387

W40 Sheila Pearce 370

W60 Karen Blackburn 304

X40 Ian Makinson & Margaret Scott 268

W21 Jenny Sutton 264

X21 Paul & Samantha Leight 200

W50 Ceri Williams 132

Thanks to Muddybums for providing the t-shirts and Yorkshire Dales Brewery for providing the engraved glasses and beer.

Thanks to the planners and helpers for their hard work and support all year.

Please let me know if you would like to plan an event next year.

Hope to see you next year – but, in the meantime, the winter series starts with a 2 hour event at the Hambleton Inn, Sutton Bank on Saturday 10th November.

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