Hambleton Inn Results

Hambleton Inn Results

Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the results.

53 riders enjoyed the autumn sunshine.

It was still foggy as the first riders arrived at the top of Sutton Bank but fortunately the sun burnt off the mist before the first riders started – unlike our previous visit in August when only 1 rider set off. Thanks to John Dixon for checking the course and running the start and finish which allowed me to get out for a proper ride. I rode non-competitively as I suggested a few changes to the course for the August event so I had a good idea which way I wanted to go but I now know that I can’t ride 46k in 2 hours. Like many riders I was late partly due to the tough climb back up to the Hambleton Inn but also due to the brilliant weather, stunning scenery and picturesque villages in this corner of North Yorkshire.
Congratulations to the winners and hopefully we will see as many riders at the next event which is on Saturday 8th December at the Fleece Inn in Bishop Wilton on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.
I am starting to sort out the programme for next year so please let me know if you would like to plan an event. I am intending to organise a similar series of 9 events with 5 to count and a mixture of 3,4 and 5 hour events. There will be a Novice (half-price) option next year instead of the 2 hour course which didn’t work. Please let me know if you want to see any other changes or want to suggest any new areas.
It is the BMBO AGM at Eyam next Saturday so please attend if you can – or let the committee know your views on anything involving our sport so that it can be discussed.
Hopefully, I’ll see you at another event soon
PS We have got the same 5 planners for the NEMBOS league which will defintely run from April to September next year

3 thoughts on “Hambleton Inn Results

  1. Martin Vesty

    Thanks Stave and John for today’s event.

    We are pleased to see that so many other riders were either enjoying the weather and cycling scenery so much that they decided to stay out for longer or just totally mis-judged the distances of the southern area and ended up with high penalties. I couldn’t possibly say which category we fell into, although I can say that we do like cycling around there on our winter road bikes with such cracking scenery on offer.

  2. stevewillis

    Tim’s Winning M21/40 Route
    8 via the bridleway (mistake should have used the road)
    19 30 20 25(read both clues then got the order wrong)
    10 9 29 5 23 27 16 (realised that with 40 minutes to go any plans to pick up 26 and more in Husthwaite were unrealistic so replanned route)
    2 (not sure if worth it) 13 14 17 and finish with a dash up the bank to pick up 15 and 24 just like I said I wouldn’t at the start.

    Ian & Margaret’s Winning X21 route
    8 19 30 25 20 10 9 29 4 13 14 17 15 24


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