2013 Draft Fixtures

Here is the first draft for next year so please let me know what you think about the dates, venues and lengths. Thanks to everyone who offered to plan one of these events. If you were thinking of volunteering you will have to wait until 2014!!

NYMBO League 2013draft

I have not approached any landowners for permission or checked with BMBO so please do not circulate them as there will be changes. The organisers of OvergroundUnderground at Ingleton have asked if we could hold the event on Monday instead of Saturday. It is a bank holiday but what do you think? Andrew Windrum is also planning an MTBO (linear) event near York on October 20th (provisionally). The draft NEMBOS fixtures are also available on the NEMBOS site.

Hope to see you at Bishop Wilton on December 8th

2 thoughts on “2013 Draft Fixtures


    Hello Steve I think the venues and the times look good ,personally I would not mind whatever day the Ingleton event was held on. See you on the 8th.



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