Cropton Forest – Planners advance comments

Cropton Forest Event – 20th April

The extensive network of forestry roads and minor byeways will, as ever, provide fast route choices to all parts of the competition area. However, once away from the main roads, paths and tracks will not be so reliable so route choice, even for short legs will be crucial. On the day of my final planning visit in mid-March the area was under 6” snow so no matter how favourable the weather may be in the coming weeks conditions are unlikely to be the same as last year’s event at the start of the season. The choice of control sites has taken this into account.

There has been extensive felling in both forests but this has not affected the state of the forest roads some of which have been even been improved. The emerging Moors to Sea (M2C) cycle route cuts across the area from west to east and this has brought with it improved track surfaces in some places. Other improvements  include re-routing of the bridleway currently through Rock Cottage (SE 754/947) to the north (there are notices at the start & finish),  and  upgrading to bridleway of the track passing the front of Middle Farm (SE 805/920) which now continues down to Newtondale.

I have used the following definitions in the written control descriptions:

  1. A road: = any metalled or improved surface navigable by a standard family saloon and includes forestry roads.
  2. A track: = a wide (car width) route through forest or farmland, may include rides and bridleways.
  3. A path: = narrow, single track route, may include public footpaths
  4. / (forward slash): = a junction between two different features
  5. The description of the control site will usually give  compass direction in relation to the map feature

Dave Lloyd 14/03/13

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