Yorkshire Wolds Comments and Map

Yorkshire Wolds Organiser’s Comments

Although Dave Evans hasn’t managed to ride in any NYMBO events this year he still managed to plan another excellent course (and has already offered his services for next year). There was a huge spread of controls in the dry chalk valleys north and east of Pocklington but fast riding meant that there were some great scores. The tracks had dried out nicely despite the wet weather of the previous 3 days.

Thanks as ever to Jens for an excellent map and the helpers who made everything run smoothly as well as WoldgateCollege for an excellent event centre with good parking, a gym for Registration and showers!

2013 Yorkshire Wolds Working Drawing with Controls 3rd October

Congratulations to the category winners especially Max & Martin Vesty (G) who won overall with 450 points, Conrad Ellison (M40) 433, Graham Fielding (M50) 409, Rik Thompson (M21) 393, Steve Wood (M60) 345, Andrea & Steve Foster (X50) 340, James Martin (Y18) 320 and Jill Ellison (W40) 316. You can follow their splits on the Results page and check out the map below.

Most riders headed east then north with a big decision about when to cross the A166 and when to head back. Most riders got it right but it’s interesting to see how many riders managed to score very few points in their last 20 minutes when they were just trying to get back without incurring penalties. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride again as the dry valleys make for excellent riding especially the decents into Horsedale (#58) and Thixendale (#60) although the climbs back out and from Kirby Underdale were gruelling. Most riders who rode along Lavenderdale after #56 probably rode along the private track instead of the parallel bridleway. The map isn’t very clear (but the signposts were) so I’ll ask Jens to amend the map before our next visit. (The track runs along the bottom of the valley and the bridleway along the east edge).

The final NYMBO event of 2013 is the 4 hour MBO Score event in Lower Wensleydale on Saturday 19th October. Parking is in Masham Town Square so please pay at the Honesty Box with Registration nearby in the Methodist Chapel in Park Street. Refreshments will be on sale before and after your ride so please support them. Prizegiving for the BMBO National League and the NYMBO League will take place at 3.30 so please stay to collect your prize and/or applaud the leading riders. NYMBO prizes have been generously donated by Richardson Cycles and Yorkshire Dales Brewery with cut-price engraving by Chris Lightfoot of Keith James Jewellers in Richmond.

Hope to see you there


1 thought on “Yorkshire Wolds Comments and Map

  1. rikoshea

    Thanks for another great event. I hope the shorts were ok for you ;o) I thought it was worth another mention that all those who use Strava can enter the NYMBO club and then we can all compare routes afterwards. It is always good to see how different routes can give such varying results with little differences in overall distance.


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