Map for Bank Holiday Monday at Ingleton now available

The next event is a four hour event around Ingleborough (not over it!) . The map without controls is at the end of this post.

Fliers in the events section, online entry using the link above. Please enter online by Thursday

Brief details:
VENUE GR 695726
Ingleton Middle School LA6 3BU Just 800m off the A65 at Ingleton

FACILITIES Registration, toilets and refreshments in the hall Season Cakes Bakery open all day

COURSES 4 hour SCORE event (with a 2 hour option for NOVICES) Normal kites with SportIdent electronic punching

TERRAIN A variety of excellent bridleways and minor roads around Ingleborough, Ribblesdale and lanes south of the A65

REGISTER 10.30 – 11.45 STARTS 11.00 – 12.00


4 thoughts on “Map for Bank Holiday Monday at Ingleton now available

  1. Carol.....

    Don’t think it is my printer…but when printed…Map very blurred…
    anyone else finding this please……

  2. stevewillis3

    Sorry you’re having problems. Mine seems to be OK although the 100 that Jens has printed are a lot better. Only 45 pre-entries so far so there could be a few spare copies on Monday. Only 24 hours until pre-entries close so please get entered!! Ben has planned an excellent course in beautiful countryside and the event centre is next to the delicious bakery!

  3. 1daverobertson

    It’s seems reasonable on my printer too – however the image on the website is compressed to make it easy for people to download (it’s still about 8MB though) so there is likely to be some loss of quality – especially when compared to the actual control maps that are printed for the event.

    1. stevewillis3

      Online entries have now closed with 72 riders already booked in. We have printed 100 maps so there are plenty spare for entry on the day and we can print more if necessary. (Please don’t email for an entry)


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