Ingleton map and comments


Ingleton Map

Ingleton & Ribblesdale Planner’s Comments

After a torrid weekend of camping in the wind and rain at Knight Stainforth Hall it was a pleasant surprise to see the sun shining at 7am just above Settle. Thankfully the weather held, even though there was a large dark cloud looming at the start of the 4 hour event, most riders adopting a plastic bag to keep their map dry in the event of a shower. Personally I felt the event went well, with good feedback from the riders, and only one control not functioning (Number 35). Planning for the most part went well although every time I went out the weather was a little unkind, being both very windy and very wet. I was hoping to get some good lanes in and quiet areas that people may not have visited before and that they might even use again, particularly south of the A65 which offers some stunning views back over to the National Park. There were a few tricky controls, one being under the road in Clapham that even some locals didn’t know existed and the control point in Wharfe which, due to the cobweb of tracks in the hamlet, caused some confusion. Congratulations to all the class winners and to Alex Pilkington as overall winner. Although I didn’t get chance to ride any of the course, I did get some time to spend with my daughter in the sunshine which was great. Thanks to Steve and Jens for their help during the planning and I also hope folk enjoyed something from the bakery.

Organiser’s Comments

I was also so glad that we had a window of fine weather on a wet and windy Bank holiday weekend which allowed 80 riders to enjoy the beautiful countryside on the south west corner of the Yorkshire Dales. Ben planned an excellent and challenging course at his first attempt which everyone seemed to enjoy. The course seemed to be the perfect length with the leading riders not quite able to clear up – although it was disappointing to see so many riders losing so many points for being late. The initial route choice was crucial and the optimum route seemed to be to go up Twistlelton Dale then round into Ribblesdale before heading over to Austwick and Clapham then a few final controls on the lanes south of the A65.

Neither Andy or Andrew could match Alex Pilkington who won overall (and M40) with 496 points. Graham Fielding (M50) had an excellent ride to finish 3rd overall with 487. Rik Thompson won M21 again with 425 while Ray Morriss made it 3 wins in a row with 370 in M60. Charley scored an impressive 368 in W50 to pip Maggie (W40) by 18 points and Dave & Kelly Wilby were the first mixed team again with 280 points. Adrian & Luke Parker won the Generation class again with 352 points and beat Nathan by 30 points although he was still the highest scoring Junior.

I enjoyed my ride and decided to miss out the northern controls as I had never ridden some of the lanes south of the A65. All very enjoyable except for the push up the side of the forest west of Kettlesbeck. I expected to ride up a forest track before crossing the moor – but it was a marshy path instead. (The map has already been changed)!

Unfortunately #35 didn’t work so please let me know if you visited it and forgot to let John know at Download.

Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map and the helpers who made everything run smoothly as well as the I Centre for an excellent event centre. Parking was a bit tight but the proximity of the bakery helped.

Thanks also to Ray Morriss, Maggie McPhillips, Michael Connor, David & Zoe Cowgill and Al Powell who helped Ben to collect the controls after their rides.

Final thanks to Al Powell & Maggie McPhillips who interrupted their rides to help a collapsed fell runner.

I have got 3 items of lost property so please contact me if you left your cycling shoes, helmet or green drinks bottle.

Our next event is at Washburn Valley near Otley on Saturday 28th June.

Hope you can make it.


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