Le Tour at Ripon Results

Le Tour at Ripon results

Thanks to David Day for planning and organising this event. It’s just a pity that there were only 14 riders but you can buy the maps and descriptions from Moonglu if you want to have a go

Le Tour, Ripon Treasure Hunt – 6 July 2014

A disappointing entry but perhaps people enjoyed the previous day’s visit by Le Tour so much that they went for more as it passed nearby.

M50 Simon Carr cleaned up & would not have been late back if a road sign at clue 9 had not been removed during the previous week, unknown to me! The majority of other entrants were Generation teams and it was a close run thing between father & son Chapman and mother & (younger) daughter Chapman – only 10 points in it so moral victory to girl powered team. Sam Hart’s excuse for being beaten by the Chapmans was that he had to keep waiting for his Dad, Joe who had refused to enter as an individual because he knew his (17 year old) son would beat him.

There were lots of cyclists about at the weekend so it was a shame that more of them did not give bike O a try. Many thanks to Moonglu cycle shop of Ripon & owner Neil Dunkley who provided the prizes. Well done to all who entered for the first time.

David Day Organiser & Planner

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