Dalby map without controls….

The map without controls for Dalby isn’t available yet, my apologies, but instead here’s a copy of the 2011 map which has a similar competition area with Parking, Registration and the Finish at the Fox and Rabbit but the Start 3km away at Seivedale.

Here are some notes from Dave Lloyd:

As ever, Dalby will offer a choice of well­maintained forest roads and world class single track although some of the previously used smaller paths and rides have either disappeared or are likely to be affected by seasonal undergrowth.

The start is in the forest at the foot of Sievedale and will be marked from the event centre (so please allow 15 minutes) but the Finish will be back at the Fox & Rabbit.

Some footpaths around Low Dalby and Adderstone Rigg are pedestrian only and will be marked as out of bounds, as will a small area of Sneverdale Rigg above Go Ape. A paintball area is being developed near Dixon’s Hollow and the single track may have diversions.

These will be signposted in the forest but not marked on the map. There are no controls sited directly on the single track route but if you choose to use it you must ride in the direction indicated at the entry points and obey any deviation signs.

Moors Marathon Routes

Can be found here:




2 thoughts on “Dalby map without controls….

  1. stevewillis3

    80 pre-entries for Dalby and 50 for the Marathon so far and online entries close at midnight on Wednesday. Free camping is available at the Fox and Rabbit on Friday and Saturday. No need to book but the caravan site is full.
    PS The start on Saturday is 3km from the pub so please allow an extra 15 minutes to ride there.

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