Hovingham Results and Map

Here are the results so please let me know if there are any mistakes. Thanks to Dave Robertson for an excellent course which was very enjoyable despite the fog and muddy conditions. Thanks also to the Malt Shovel in Hovingham for opening early and welcoming 47 grubby riders afterwards! Roz Bardon won the spot prize for guessing the location of the photo which was near #15.  Next event at Ripon on December 13th. Hope to see you there.

Hovingham Results

Here is the map if you couldn’t make it. 2 class winners have replied with their routes. I did get the highest score on the day but had seen the map beforehand and made a few suggestions. I also know the area really well but chuffed to get more points than Andy Conn for the first time ever.

My route was 8 22 16 25 7 1 6 26 21 2 11 12 4 10 14 24 29 15 19 23 28 9

Andy’s route was very similar except that he went to 17 after 7, 28 after 4 and left out 24!

2014 Hovingham TH 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 9th November

3 thoughts on “Hovingham Results and Map

  1. Adrian Parker

    Luke and I had the identical route to Steve i.e. 8 22 16 25 7 1 6 26 21 2 11 12 4 10 14 24 29 15 19 23 28 9. We were almost the last ones off as I fitted a new back mudguard this morning – glad I did! – and Luke was pleased that consequently I did not have time to take off his mud tyres for something faster – they were almost the ideal tyre choice for him to slither round on. It was particularly slick for us downhill eastward from control 11. We wasted time looking for (and eventually finding) the hand pump for control 2 – someone has either moved the telephone box or the pump.

    Thanks for another good event and for an interesting course with complex route choice. We enjoyed the mudfest.

  2. Neil Reed

    My priority was trying (and failing!) to avoid slow muddy tracks hence went 8,22,16,25,7,21,2,24,29,20,30,13,19,23,28 and 9. I perhaps should have gone up to 27 before finishing but would have incurred some time penalties for this. Managed about 18 k in the first hour but just 13 in the second on the slower tracks. Really nice ride out though so thanks to all involved and looking forward to the next one. Regards Neil Reed

    1. Steve k

      Yet another great event . Like to see people’s comments on route choice once I set off have no idea what is going on


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