Ripon Results & Map

A great mixture of riding on a beautiful winter’s day

Here are the results

Ripon Results

and here is the map with controls

2014 Ripon TH Working Drawing with Controls 7th December

Thanks to David Day for another excellent course which was perfect for December with street navigation as well as some cracking bridleways, 7 riders cleared all 30 controls so everyone else got better scores than usual and there were no complaints. The South Lodge made an excellent event centre with a warm welcome and lovely food.
Merry Christmas and, hopefully, we’ll see as many riders at Biggin on January 24th.
PS Someone left some gloves and I still have a pair of cycling shoes from Grewelthorpe. Please let me know if they are yours.

4 thoughts on “Ripon Results & Map

  1. Adrian Parker

    Thanks for another good event, enjoyed by 4 members of the Parker family (+ friends) in various combinations. One point of correction for the results table is that we were amused to see Jemima and her (female) friend Jo Anderson listed as a mixed couple -they don’t really qualify.


  2. Peter Swanborough

    Thanks to David for an enjoyable ride out on a lovely winter day. Living in Ripon, i found that local knowledge was a definite advantage, choosing to go to Studley first and continuing clockwise to Bishopton, Sharow, Copt Hewick and Littlethorpe before going into the city centre. Still managed to ride 2 bridleways i have not been on before at Copt Hewick and littlethorpe.

  3. Tim Evans

    Thanks to David for an excellent course and some complex urban navigation. I looked at the map and decided that the river was a big block so to pick those up to the east of the river first then circle back in an anti-clockwise loop adjusting the route at the end depending on time.

    So off I went 8- 13 ( followed by a lap of the road ) escape to 28 followed by ice puddles to 19 , 22 , 18 , 7 straight into 17 off the B6265 , 12 , 21 ,27 , 6 26 , 16 , 2 then when I went to write down 26 realised I had the year not the month so back to 26 onto 1, 11, 25, fun finding 15 ( 2 number 19’s!) 30, 5 , 4 , in and out for 23 , 24 , 29 , 10 , 14 , complex nav to find 9 straight to 20 then past the start to number 3.

    You can spot the errors on my strava track!

    In hindsight I should have picked up 3 first and read the question for number 26 not listened to the other competitor when I got their , still don’t think I would have matched John Houlihans time even with those tweaks so well done to him, and I enjoyed the street navigation so much I might add some to the February race!


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