Sicklinghall Results & Map

Here are the results

Sicklinghall results

and the map so you can see where the leaders went and where you could have gone.

2015 Sicklinghall TH 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 4th February

Thanks to Tim Evans for planning an excellent course in cracking countryside on a perfect winter day based at the very welcoming Scotts Arms. Everyone seemed to enjoy their rides – even those riders who suffered with punctures and others who decided to risk the muddy bridleways. Congratulations to the winners – Andy Conn (the overall winner with 450 points), Adrian & Luke Parker (410), Neil Reed  (397), Jill & Conrad Ellison (347) & Karen Blackburn (280)  I’ve asked them to post their routes and here is mine which was 33km. 1 6 11 21 26 16 20 30 5 25 4 14 28 8 23 3 18 7 27 22. Also a special mention to the 3 M18 riders – Max Vesty (443), Ed Oliver Evans (435) and Nathan Parker(410).

The 2015 NYMBO League starts on March 28th with a 3 hour event at Weaverthorpe in the Yorkshire Wolds. There is also an MTBO Sprint event at Allerthorpe Common in the morning so you can have a warm-up on the way.

Hope to see you there


7 thoughts on “Sicklinghall Results & Map

  1. Neil Reed

    Thanks to all involved in planned and organising, had a great ride with few issues other than accidently turning off my stop watch so was pleased to be 3 minutes late. My route 17, 13, 27, 7, 18, 3, 23, 8, 24, 9, 29, 19, 28, 14, 4, 25, 5, 30, 20, 16, 30.
    Regards Neil Reed

  2. Karen Blackburn

    I knew I could go east or west, but not both. West didn’t seem to offer as many chances to change the plan if things went wrong, so east it was. 22, 27, 7, 18, 3, 23, 8, take a deep breath and decide to leave 28 for now, 24, 9, 29, 19, 14, 4, time for 28!, 17, home. With 8 minutes to spare at the end, I should have dog-legged out of 17 and collected 13…..
    Thanks to planner, organiser, mapper and the weather!

  3. Adrian Parker

    Good weather and a good course by Tim, which even though we cycle out this way from Harrogate regularly took us to a few new places. We enjoyed the 40 shillings sign in Spoffoth, and I had not realised there was a small triangular green hidden away in Spoffoth.

    Route was 22, 27,7,18,8, out and back down the old railway/dog walking track to 28, then back into Weatherby for 23, then on a loop through 24,9,29,19 (roughly on the hour),14 (making a bad call to cycle past the 5 pointer at 4), 25,5,30,20,16,26,21,1 and home.

    We actually had 4 more minutes than we thought as we had not checked our watches against the start clock which was 4 minutes faster than our watches. Had we realised we should probably have taken in 11 and 6 and taken a small time penalty.

    We liked the pub. Jemima will be buying a new pump after pump malfunctions in Spofforth that stranded her riding partner with two punctures and no form of inflation!


  4. andy conn

    With a glance at the blank map there was a clear ring road around the map so I had kind of already decided to head round clockwise leaving the possibly messy bottom right corner ’til last.
    1 6 11 26 16 20 30. at this point 30 mins in, I knew it wasn’t a clean up day.. so…5 25 4 15 28 14 19 29 9 24 8 23 3… got a bit confused here cos I wasn’t reading the map…..18 7 27 …now I couldn’t decide if the obvious route to 22 was ok to use.. the highlighted BW around was too risky as the condition was unknown so doubled back for a safe 13.
    Strava says “29 miles”
    Good event again, esp. the urban / railway stuff. simple when you look back but confusing in the event.

  5. Tim Evans

    Planners Comments

    I was originally looking for a new area but the chosen pub didn’t have a car park so at Steve’s suggestion I looked at the old Sicklinghall map. With Woodhall bridge due to open on the 1st January I decided correctly as it happened that it was too risky to plan anything south of the river and I wasn’t happy with using or crossing the main roads. I also think that some of the courses have been a little large so I was trying to get something that was just too big for Mr Conn and from the comments above got it spot on. I also enjoyed the street work we had on the Ripon event so included this round Wetherby, and the 40 shilling one in Spofforth.

    Desk top planning was complete so as usual I left the actual riding till a nice cold day Strava route is and Viewranger with control pictures is . Some of the old controls had changed or I couldn’t find and the only track I couldn’t ride was the one west from 26. I deliberately blocked out the central ones as I knew from local knowledge and complaints last time that they were boggy, only one rider that I knew took one of these routes which was the direct line from 1 to 26 and it probably cost him the win as Ed , Max and Andy all got 450 points but only one was back within 2 hours. I have to say it did make me smile.

    Apologies for those who got confused over number 30 I should have moved the control but I had it set in my mind that the old railway tunnel would have a dated keystone on it and on finding it didn’t should have moved the control.

    Thanks must go to Steve for organising, Jens for the map and the Scotts Arms for excellent hospitality and having a café with nice coffee and chocolate cake for while I was waiting was much appreciated. All I really needed was a dry seat in the sun , which is why the finish was moved from the start. Thanks for all the positive feedback


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