Wolds Planners’ Comments

Yorkshire Wolds MBO Score – 28th March 2015

Planner’s Comments

When we offered to plan this event we decided early on to make use of the Northern Wolds. The major challenge was in securing both an event centre and parking. Ideally it would have been preferable to find somewhere central but this was not to be. Weaverthorpe Village Hall whilst providing the necessary facilities clearly could not provide the sufficient parking. We were delighted by the response from Sleightholmes of Helperthorpe who could not have been more accommodating and provided the off road parking on hard standing, which we felt essential for the time of year.

We pride ourselves that we always spend time riding everything we expect the competitors to ride before finalising the courses. Although we had ridden our road bikes in this area we were surprised by some stunning rural views both on the bridleways and at some of the control sites. Our aim as always is to provide sufficient navigational challenge for everyone and we hope we succeeded.

The Wolds are very deceptive as the perception of rolling countryside disguises some serious climbs! Unfortunately we could do nothing about the challenging weather you encountered on the day which turned many of the rideable bridleways into a mudbath. The difference in conditions between Friday, when we put out 20 controls, and Saturday when they were collected in, was only too evident. The number of punctures was also high and frustrating for all concerned. Only people using tubeless tyres seemed to come through unscathed!

A big thank you to the small team who make the event happen – Steve W, Karen B, Adrian and Frank, along with those who helped collect the controls – Dave L, Dave E and Garry.

Karen Clark and Steve Roberts

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