Yorkshire Wolds Comments and Map

Yorkshire Wolds Organiser’s Comments

Here is the map so that you can see where the riders went

2015 Yorkshire Wolds

Thanks to Steve Roberts & Karen Clark for yet another excellent course, Jens for an excellent map, Frank Appleton & Karen Blackburn for helping before the event and Dave Evans, David Lloyd & Garry Wright who collected the controls with Steve & Karen so that I was back in York by 6.30.

I thought the area looked very large but, with calm and dry conditions, Andrew Windrum might even have cleared up. There was plenty of route choice and it was interesting to se that Andrew W and Andy C set off and returned in totally different directions. Most riders seemed to enjoy the event despite the wind, rain and punctures. It is an interesting area with great views and good tracks (when you can lift your head up to look). I enjoyed my ride but would have preferred to have had fewer punctures.

Unfortunately, from the splits it looks as though some riders have been taking illegal shortcuts. It is difficult to marshal or prove so please email me if you went along the footpath between 53 and 54 or through Thirkleby Manor between 48 and 55. I know they are tempting but using them gives all mountain bikers a bad name as well as an unfair advantage over those riders who stick to the rules. This time I will just deduct the points for the control after the shortcut. In future, it will mean disqualification.

Congratulations to Andrew Windrum winning M40 and overall with 445 points; Tim Evans M50-390; Nathan Parker M18-364 (and 5th overall, 1 place ahead of his Dad); Steve Wood M60-330; Andrea & Steve Foster X50-295; Dave Winterborne M21-294; Sheila Pearce W40-also 294.

Just a couple of admin comments. Please can those riders whose membership has lapsed rejoin? If you have changed or lost your SI card, please can you update your details on the BMBO web page?

I have 2 items of lost property so please contact me if you lost a Garmin Etrex 30 on the Wolds or left a pair of shoes at Grewelthorpe last October!

Our next event is at Lofthouse in Nidderdale on Saturday 18th April.

The following weekend (25/26th), I have planned the OMM Bike & Lite events at Bamford in the Peak District. It’s a 2 day event with 7,5&3 hour options on Saturday and 5,4&3 hour courses on Sunday. Entries still available at www.theomm.com

Hope to see you there.


11 thoughts on “Yorkshire Wolds Comments and Map

  1. phil upton

    Hi Steve, hope to make the next event at Nidderdale, can you confirm yet what map the omm are using for their event ? concerned that they may not be using OS, heard Harveys being mentioned … cheers

    1. phil upton

      I wish I shared your enthusiasm about the Harveys map….. the last Harveys map that I saw on an OMM event was a nightmare – so much so that I was thinking of not riding ! I know many people who share the same opinion too

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    Hi Phil. You’ve missed the point. Jens has drawn the map so it’s the same as a typical NYMBO event. It’s just that he can’t print A2 maps at home – and it’s on waterproof paper. Adrian Boyes (Dark&White) has been giving me some advice about the bridleways and he is really impressed with the map. Honestly, it’s just what mountain bikers need for this type of event.

    1. phil upton

      Thanks for your reply Steve…..
      I can only refer to the Harveys map we were presented with by OMM in May 2013, which was for the Buxton area…an area I am very familiar with. Roads were of a similar colour to surrounding background which made them hard to pick out whilst reading on the move. We also found it very difficult to differentiate between bridleways and paths (not permissable to bikes). In contrast, Ordnance Survey’s use of colours makes this differentiation much easier and is the format that the majority of BMBO riders are used to. Hope that Jens has worked his magic. I have already entered the 7 & 5 hour event….

  3. stevewillis3 Post author

    Glad you have entered as Jens has definitely worked his magic and produced his usual, very clear map. I’m going down there tomorrow to check the event centre with the organiser and ride 2 brilliant new concessionary bridleways that we can now use. Should have gone today but didn’t fancy 40mph snow showers!! Hope it’s better in 3 weeks time.

  4. Mark McPhillips

    Phil. The Polaris ‘Harvey Maps’ are basically OS maps complete with the extra detail that Jens adds. These are then printed on Harveys waterproof map material. They are very clear and easy to read, perfect for navigating on a bike.

    Hope that makes sense. And see you there as I’m riding too 🙂

    1. phil upton

      OK Mark, yep, looking forward to it, think there will be a lot of competition, D&W riders entering,

  5. stevewillis3 Post author

    Thanks to those riders who replied about possibly using public footpaths illegally. Fortunately, there was only one ‘sinner’ who has apologised so will remain anonymous this time and has been deducted 25 points. He thought the red diamonds meant that it was a bridleway rather than just the Wolds Way footpath which he used to get to #53. The other fast times between #55 and #48 were recorded by riders taking advantage of the howling westerly wind!!


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