Gargrave Comments & Map

Gargrave Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Graham Fielding for an excellent course in a mainly new area. It was great to be riding lots of new dry tracks in typical, cracking Yorkshire Dales scenery despite the brisk cold wind. Unfortunately, Graham couldn’t be there at the weekend so thanks to Ray, Mick, Ben and David who helped us put out the controls on Friday and then collected most of them in on Saturday afternoon after they had ridden.

Thanks also to Jens for another excellent map, Frank & Sandra Appleton, Karen Blackburn & Adrian Baskerville for helping on the day as well as David Lloyd and the Coiley family who also collected controls so that I was back in Richmond by 8.00.

Final thanks to Gargrave for an excellent event centre with very welcome refreshments.

Congratulations to Alex Pilkington winning M40 and overall with 445 points; Ben Martin M21-400; Ray Morriss M60-395; Michael (Simon) Trickett M50-383; James Martin Y18-355; Sheila Pearce W40-340; Andrea & Steve Foster X50-310; Ben & Stephen Collins Gen-235. You can follow their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

2015 Gargrave 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 8th May

I enjoyed putting out the southern 4 controls on Friday but decided to head north on Saturday to ride bridleways that I hadn’t ridden before – without visiting Malham Cove, Gordale scar or Mastiles Lane – and succeeded. It was great to see all of the work that the national park have been doing to make many of these bridleways more rideable. I had never ridden over Flasby Fell before so I had kept that treat for the end. I was definitely very weary as it got softer on the way up from 46 and very disappointed at how tough it was on the way down – but glad I’ve done it now.

Our next event is another 5 hour event at Ingleton on Saturday 20th June. Don’t forget that you can enter the Non-Comp class for only £6 if you want a shorter ride. This event is part of the OvergroundUnderground weekend so plenty of other activities if you fancy spending longer in another beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dale. You can subscribe free of charge at and download the full programme of activities.

Hope to see you there or at another NYMBO event soon.


PS Sorry that these comments have been written a bit later than usual but we have been visiting our family since the event.

5 thoughts on “Gargrave Comments & Map

  1. jamesannan

    I have another comment relating to the next (Ingleton) event. The 2002 OS map series (which you used at Gargrave, and I’ve just checked you used for last year’s Ingleton event map too) does not show an important bridleway/cycle path which has presumably been created since that time. It runs parallel to, but separate from, the short section of A65 connecting the east end of the B6480 and the unclassified road running to Austwick – around grid ref 755681 or if the link works look here thus allowing cyclists to get between Clapham and Austick without using the A65 which I’m assuming (based on last year’s map) will be out of bounds. This cycle route was, I suspect, created as part of NCN68 and will probably be known to all locals! So it would be good to clarify if it should be considered in or out of bounds for the purposes of the event.

      1. Jens

        I recently purchased the 1:25,000 data covering this area and it doesn’t show this link bridleway. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention – i will be added to the master base for the area. By the way – it’s off the map for Ingleton this year. Jens

  2. Alex Pilkington

    Thanks to Graham for planning a great challenging course, and the rest of the folk who helped make the event. Gargrave was a good location as well, giving a taste of the less ridden trails in the south of the Dales.

  3. stevewillis3 Post author

    Planners Comments
    I’ve had my eye on this area for a few years since first riding the Malham show mbo event. The amount of traffic approaching Malham from the south on show day means we’ve never been able to include this area on the map. So together Steve Willis & I thought we could run an event on a non-show day.
    The bridleways in this area did not disappoint and there are certainly plenty to choose from. Most of the high scorers went clockwise heading SW to East Marton first. Indeed that is the way I would have gone if competing.
    I put several controls in the centre of the area on Calton Moor/Weets as I knew this would be the hardest part to find a logistical route.
    Finally I threw in Flasby Fell for a sting in the tail. Unfortunately what was once a delightful descent to the north of #59 seems to have become a swamp!
    Well done to all the category winners & everyone who took part. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there on the day to welcome you back.
    Finally thanks to the control setters/collectors & Steve & Jens for putting on the event & the map.
    Graham Fielding


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