Dalby Comments and Map

Dalby Forest Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Andy & Corinne Parsons for an excellent course in a great forest. Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map, Michael Brough, Karen Blackburn and John Dixon for helping on the day and Ray, Dave, John, Steve and Graham who helped Andy & Corinne collect the controls in after they had finished.

Congratulations to Graham Tibbot winning M21 (and overall) with an impressive ride visiting almost all of the controls for 480 points; Tim Evans M50-455; Phill Collings M40-421; Sheila Pearce W40-409; Steve Wood M60-385; Steve & Andrea Foster X50-360; Karen Blackburn W60-320. You can follow their routes using the splits file and course map below.

It was great to be back in a forest after 2 Dales events and I thoroughly enjoyed my ride on dry tracks and with stunning views between 40, 41 and 46.

It was disappointing that there were only 55 riders. I was trying to fit it in with our holidays but I assume many of our regulars were just starting theirs so I’ll not be using this weekend next year.

A few riders had difficulty finding #45 so I have given them the benefit of the doubt and, more importantly, the 15 points. There are 2 mistakes in the published results. Pete & Brittany Scowcroft are in X21 and Simon McPherson wasn’t there. Please let me know if there are any other mistakes so that John can update the league positions accurately.

We have got 2 events next month on the bank holiday weekend as usual

4 hours from Malham on Saturday 29th then 3 hours in Cropton Forest on Monday 31st. There is also a Roof of England Sportive in Weardale on Sunday 30th if you want a full weekend on your bike. Full details about the 90, 50 or 30 mile courses are on www.roofofengland.co.uk

Hope to see you there or at another NYMBO event soon.


PS Someone left a waterbottle at the finish so please let me know if it’s yours.

PPS We have just had the hottest 3 weeks for years at Samoens. The lifts are open in the summer and our apartment isn’t fully booked in August so let me know if you fancy some brilliant mountain biking and walking!! The Cascades route involves 3 lifts then a 14k descent from 2500m to 700m. There are 2 other routes with over 1500m of descent as well as 7 brand new downhill singletrack routes from Green to Black standard.

2015 Dalby 25000 Working Drawing with Controls 5th June

3 thoughts on “Dalby Comments and Map

  1. Tim Evans

    I really enjoyed Saturday and thought Andy and Corinne and produced an excellent course with no obvious route. I decided to go in a generally clockwise direction so that I could use the red route in the south west corner but in the end the only part of the red route I used was right at the start from 59 to 45. I found 45 once I looked up and saw the red and white tape dangling from the tree, given the obvious amount of greenery that had sprouted up recently I think whoever put the controls out had done an excellent job to make sure we could find the controls short of taking a strimmer with them.

    At the start I still wasn’t sure how many controls I could collect so went via 33 to 36 not sure if it was worth the 5 points although the descent was fun. The drag through the bog to 40 probably wasn’t worth it and I think I should have missed it out in favour of 41 and attempted 55 as well the only high pointer I missed. In hindsight I should have gone 46 , 43 then 35 not up and down to 43 then 46 , 35. I also struggled with 46 as I was too lazy at first and second pass to go the 1m down the track to the obvious bench have a look at strava https://www.strava.com/activities/353828782 to see my tooings and frooings 5 minutes that cost me.

    with 1 hour left it was what can I still pick up decided on 51, 38 , 56 , 47 then 60 and 50. Mistake 1 was the dotted track to 51 instead of Givendale Rigg and left I don’t think I was the only one who did this and it was the only bike push part of the day. Arrived at Harwood house with 25 minutes left so dithered and went up for 37 , then dithered again was it faster to go back down along and up by Go Ape or take the longer rounte and stay high , decided on the descent and climbed to 60 fairly easily but with 8 minutes left the climb then to 50 and back to the finish was horrible. Arrived back just over 4 minutes late so 37 was worth it ( just).

    Good to see all the different routes on Strava there are at least 17 rides on there from Dalby , the Flybys are worth watching . https://www.strava.com/clubs/26144/recent_activity

  2. 1daverobertson

    What a great event – mainly because for the first time ever in all my years doing these events I got all the 30 point controls! Thanks to Tim for this, I certainly appreciated it – it’s quite motivational to rack up some points early on.

    It was tough to choose a route, especially if you’re as slow as me. I don’t think I really had a firm plan until about half way, although I had resolved to get all the 30’s from about 5 minuts after the start.

    The weather was on our side for once too, as I think we got the best conditions given the rain subsequently.

    I found 45 ok, only struggled a bit with 58 as I passed it and only found on the way back.

    Thanks all!

  3. Graham Tibbot

    Thanks for an enjoyable day in the forest , much of which I never knew existed, and with some cracking weather. Having raced xc here and done the red route I knew that some short but very steep climbs exist here and I did my best to avoid them. I considered a clockwise route would be best so that the red trails might help near the end. As it turned out, I only used the beginning switchback climb to get to 60. I had an idea that if I rode around the very edge of the map for the first half I might stay on good trails or the forest drive just deviating inwards to get points without much climbing or descent.

    I found the navigation a bit tricky using the higher magnification map for the first time- features came up very quickly sometimes. I went for the same 46, 43, 35 plan as Tim at the far end but picked the wrong path across the top which accounts for strange shapes on my Strava route, but I did just about avoid going down then up and back down. I missed taking a shorter route to 39 but the road was fairly flat and even so I don’t think too much time was lost there. A few of us had a good thrash through the undergrowth looking for 58 but we’d all ridden well past it. Once i’d got 51 and thinking I was doing well I realised there were still 150 points left on the course, mainly due to the two 30s near the start- so I prioritised these at the expense of 37 and 50 and got back just in time- thanks to those riders going home who stopped their cars so I could ride on the best bit of track..


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