OMM Bike Weekend

A perfect weekend in the Yorkshire Dales

Here are the basic results

OMM Bike Full Results

The splits files are already in the Results section and hopefully I will be able to add the 3 hour times as well soon

Thanks to Jens for an excellent map; Jim Imber, Ray Morriss and David Paley for helping me put out the controls; Jim, Ray, John Butler, David & Lyn Lloyd, Sheila Pearce and Dennis Jaques for helping collect them in; the OMM team for their hard work organising the excellent event HQ and all the staff with Brenda & Stuart at the Dales Bike Centre.

It was great to see over 100 riders on the 4 courses competing at the same time and using the same controls as 160 runners. Everyone seemed to enjoy the spread of controls and the weather could not have been any better on Saturday. I was glad that no-one cleared up this time (unlike the Peak district in April) but Graham Tibbot still rode impressively well to win both days covering over 200k in the 12 hours. His score each day has been used to work out the points for the NYMBO league. I was pleased that OMM agreed to a 3 hour course each day and relieved that so many riders entered this option.

All of the splits for all courses and full comments are on the OMM web page at and

I have been asked to plan this event next year but I will make sure that it is the only event in September unlike this year.

It has been hectic lately but I hope you still have enough energy and enthusiasm to ride in the Cleveland Hills on Sunday. Conrad and Jill have planned an excellent course and the lord Stones Café is an excellent event centre.

Hope to see you there


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