Boltby & Silton Results and Map

Here is the map so that you can follow the riders routes

2015 Boltby and Silton Working Drawing with Controls 12th October

Thanks to Dave Lloyd for an excellent course and congratulations to the winners

Splits are on the Results page so please let me know if there are any mistakes or if you want to claim #54

Planner’s Report

The bridleway between Black Hambleton and High Paradise must be one of the best in Yorkshire so it was no surprise that those of you who finished that way, with the
wind at your backs, had the biggest smiles. Starting high always poses the problem of when and where to regain the height lost but even those who slogged to the finish
from Boltby seemed satisfied with their efforts.

I hope the notes provided beforehand helped. The felling in both forests and the manicuring of fire breaks (unrideable earlier in the year) in Silton significantly changed the
appearance of both areas between initial planning and the actual event although I know that this did not put some of you off venturing onto some of the more difficult tracks
including the downhill section.

I know that some people rode past 54 . The bracken there was head height, completely obscuring the boundary stone, and the control was not visible from the track so it
was double taped. If you punched 35 and 39 let Steve know and you can have the points. Sorry I can’t do anything about time lost for those who rode past then went back.
Generally I’m not altogether in favour of taping every control. My philosophy when planning is that whenever possible the site should be a specific map feature which can
be navigated to and the control should be fully visible from the track (not hidden) whatever direction it is approached from.

Apologies to those of you who visited 40. Had I known that the farmer would harrow and re-seed the field next to the road, plough to the edges of the fields to the SW of the
bridge and that a team of horses would be parachuted in to mess up the section of the track south of the bridge I would not have used it.

High Paradise Farm provided a very civilised event centre and fitting venue for the end of season presentations so thanks to Ginny and her team for their efforts. Biggest
thanks are saved for the volunteers who helped collect the controls afterwards Zoe Cowgill, Carl Vincent, Adrian Baskerville and Andy’s (Conn & Windrum) who waited until after the prize giving and still had everything back by 6 o’clock. It take almost a full day to set out the controls beforehand so It is sobering to think that Andy Conn almost cleared up with time to spare.

Dave Lloyd

Boltby & Silton Forest Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Dave Lloyd for another excellent course in this great area with fast forest tracks, moorland bridleways and undulating minor roads. Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map, Karen Blackburn and John Dixon for helping on the day and Andrew Windrum, Carl Vincent, Adrian Baskerville, Zoe Cowgill and Andy Conn who helped Dave collect the controls after they had finished. Thanks also to Ginny for an excellent event centre at High Paradise Farm where the cafe will be open every weekend until the end of January

Congratulations to Andy Conn winning M40 (and overall) with an impressive ride visiting almost all of the controls for 500 points with Andrew Windrum just 4 points behind; John Houlihan on a rare MBO ride M50-475; Graham Tibbot M21-431; Angela Brand Barker W50-405 and first Woman; Sue Booth W40-394; Ray Morriss was back on form M60-389; Steve & Andrea Foster X50-349 and first Mixed again; Ben & Steve Collins Gen-319; Karen Blackburn W60- 310.You can follow their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as usual and, being non-competitive, could choose to only go down and up the escarpment once. I decided to clear Boltby Forest before heading down the new track to Brickshed Cottage (which will be marked more clearly as a permissive route next time). Roads to Silton then up through the forest and finish along the excellent Cleveland way with a following wind spotting 54 on the way which you can claim if you missed it.

It was good to see a few more riders for the final event of the season but we could do with a few more next year. Thanks for staying to collect your prizes and applaud the leading riders. Thanks also to Yorkshire Dales Brewery and Richardsons Cycles for their sponsorship. The Tee shirts were paid for out of the profit that NYMBO made this year.

I have already got planners for 10 events next year so please let me know if you would like to plan one or help on the day. Offers are always accepted!!

The winter events start next month at the Countrymans Inn, Hunton (near Bedale) on Saturday 21st November and I have got planners for the other 3 so the details are on the web page.

I hope you can make it to one or more of them.


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