Here are the results from yesterday

Hunton results

Fortunately, the forecast was correct so the wind died down and the sun came out but it was still too cold for our feet to stay dry. Thanks to Jens for another excellent map but I must apologise for marking #22 in the wrong place! Thanks to Tony and his staff at the Countryman Inn for a warm welcome – especially afterwards. Congratulations to the category winners especially in the very competitive Generation class. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as usual but, looking at the snow further up Wensleydale, I  was glad that the highest control on our course was at 268m. My route was        3 20 27 22 11 21 15 16 10 29 12 23 9 5. Please can you comment and add your routes? Hope to see you at our next event at Tadcaster on 12th December


1 thought on “HUNTON RESULTS

  1. 1daverobertson

    My route was 3, 20, 27, 14, 22, 11, 21, skipped 28, 15, 16, 10, 29, 17, 12, 23, 9, 5 with 11 point deduction for 8 mins late.

    A much better ride than I expected – not as windy as I feared, lanes mostly dry, and only cold toes in the last 10 minutes. So a great morning – although quite a big course I thought! But then I’m slow!


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