We have only had two comments about how to improve the numbers of riders at our events. One suggestion is that we have a few Sunday events and the other is that we need to advertise more on the Web, Facebook and Twitter. We need to start applying for dates and permissions for next year soon so please let me know what you think of these suggested events.

Date Location Length
Saturday 19th March Howardian Hills 3 hours
Saturday 9th April Duncombe,Ryedale 3 hours
Sunday 8th May Horton/Ingleton 5 hours
Saturday 11th June Kildale 3 hours
Saturday 9th July Wykeham & Broxa 3 hours
Saturday 27th August Malham 4 hours
Monday 29th August Dalby 3 hours
Saturday 17th September NY Forests 7/5/3 hours (OMM Bike)
Sunday 18th September NY Moors 5/4/3 hours (OMM Bike)
Sunday 9th Oct Sawley, Fountains 3 hours


This is only a provisional list so please don’t print it out or send it to your friends yet as I haven’t cleared the dates with BMBO or checked with any landowners for permission.

We still need a publicity ‘officer’ and planners for Wykeham and Malham so please let me know if you are interested.

There are only 10 events on this list so it will be your best 5 events to score next year

There will also hopefully be 2 MTBO events organised by Tim Evans and Andrew Windrum

I haven’t fixed a date for the 10th Moors Marathon yet so please let me know if you have any suggestions

I am also planning the Spring OMM Bike event in the Peak District on April 23rd/24th

Hope to see you at Tadcaster



9 thoughts on “NYMBO EVENTS 2016

  1. Peter Swanborough

    Steve –
    I see that the May event clashes with the Boltby Bash at High Paradise Farm. After the success of the Nymbo event at Boltby in October, I suspect that there may be a number of regulars who wish to attend the Bash, myself included.

    1. stevewillis3 Post author

      I’ll ask Alex if the following weekend is ok. It is the official start of the Oeverground Underground Festival but it is the Whit Bank Holiday so he might think the area is going to be too busy!
      Sorry about the post which suggested that you wanted a link to the XC Racer site. No problem though as I used it in 2014 but didn’t get round to posting the events there this year.

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    A few changes to the draft list
    Ryedale now Saturday 9th April to avoid the Scorton 100
    Ingleton now May 8th to avoid the Boltby Bash and the Bank Holiday weekend
    Kildale may move to June 12th if we can get Catterick Moor for an MTBO event on June 11th
    A revised list will be included in the Mailchimp reminder

  3. Phill Collings

    Steve, earlier start would mean that the event doesn’t take the whole day up, works for me, not sure whether it does for others/planners – perhaps one of your online votes for ideal start time?
    I will continue to advertise through local NE clubs & I do the cycling report for the Teesdale Mercury (small, but local paper) & I mention the events so will try and get something a bit more detailed in there once final dates etc. confirmed (I’ll send you a draft before it goes in). Phill

  4. stevewillis3 Post author

    We hold our Saturday events in the afternoons so that the planners can finish off putting the controls out in the morning. I will be asking the planners of the Sunday events if they are happy to start between 9 and 10. Thanks for offering to advertise our events through your contacts. Hopefully lots of our regular riders will be doing the same.


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