Tadcaster MBO

Thanks to 33 riders who ignored the forecast and rode on Rik Thompson’s excellent course around Tadcaster. It was the coldest, wettest day this year and the only redeeming feature was the absence of wind. Despite this everyone seemed to enjoy their rides when they had thawed out in the very welcoming Coach & Horses. It has been said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. After today, I’m not going to use that expression again as no kit was good enough to keep us dray or our feet warm. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride but decided at Bramham that I wouldn’t be staying out for the full 2 hours so didn’t venture south of the A64. My route was 7 27 16 26 11 1 8 20 22 13 18 28 17 21 6 9 and I’ll ask the winners to post theirs. Here are the map and results

2015 Tadcaster 40000 TH Working Drawing with Controls 24th November

Tadcaster Results

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the day was the 4 hour drive trying to get home through the snow to Richmond. I ended up leaving the car at Skeeby and walking the last 2 miles. Hope it’s still there in the morning and everyone else got home safely.

Hope to see you at the next event at Stillington in January.
Merry Christmas from Rik and me at the Coach & Horses

2015-12-12 11.47.37.jpg

4 thoughts on “Tadcaster MBO

  1. Neil Reed

    Thoroughly enjoyed the event as did Matt on his first attempt. Our route: 7 27 16 26 11 1 8 20 22 13 18 28 29 25 19 14 23 2. Ideally would had taken 24 as an out and back but think it would have cost us. Congratulations to Tim on the win and thanks to Rik for planning. Pleasantly surprised to be categorised as a senior rather than a vet – guess that’s thanks to my younger partner ! Happy Chtistmas Folks. Regards Neil Reed (and Matt Bould)

  2. Simon Caldwell

    Thanks for a fun morning. Glad to see we didn’t disgrace ourselves too badly given we’re not proper bikers! If anyone’s interested our route was 7 27 16 26 11 1 8 20 22 13 18 28 17 12 2.
    PS In response to “no kit good enough to keep us dry”, Carmen says “Paramo!” I don’t have any so was cold and wet like everyone else.

  3. Tim Evans

    Thanks to Rik for some excellent planning and for a challenging route choice, like most I started with North of the Wharfe going 7,27,16,26,11, then to 21 and 17 deciding 9 and 12 could be picked up later in and out for 20 then down the hill to 22 back up on onto the worst bit of bridleway I had to do and onto 28 then 18 and 13, picked up 4 but not sure it was worth it and down to 15 and 30 and with 25 minutes left had some challenging route choices, decided I was cold wet and not up to more bridleways so picked up 10 and 19 and at Towton with 12 minutes left decided that 24 was possible, stunning descent, guelling climb then decided that 3 was worth it 3 minutes it took so clearly wasn’t arrived back in 2:08. then into the van to get changed and i clearly need some new waterproof winter boots.

    thanks to Jens for the map and Steve for planning and the optimistic weather forecast

  4. stevewillis3 Post author

    Here is the route that Outi Kamarainen & Jeff Powell Davies took
    7, 27, 16, 26, 11, 1, 8,20, 22, 17, 18, 28, 29, 24, 3 and 2 – following (at least what I thought) was the most obvious roads/tracks in between.


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