Stillington Results

Thanks to Dave Lloyd for a well-planned course which took us along the better bridleways and quiet country lanes through picturesque villages in a small window of good weather. Thanks to Jens for another excellent map, the White Bear for a warm welcome and 27 riders for believing the forecast and enjoying the course.

Here are the results. Please let me know if there are any mistakes

Stillington Results
Congratulations to the category winners.
Generation Luke & Adrian Parker 250
Senior Men Phill Collings 231
Mixed Andrea & Steve Foster 200
Veteran Men David Day 190
Women Karen Clark 183

I’ve asked them to post their routes on the NYMBO page. Here is the map so that you can follow them.

2016 Stillington 50000 Working Drawing with Controls 11th January

I thoroughly enjoyed my second ride of the year and my first dry one. I went via 11 and 16 (as I hadn’t ridden those bridleways before) 1 8 14 2 26 (as I hadn’t ridden it for years) 10 22 9 15 27 finishing with 18 (the only muddy one). I rode 36k. and finished 10 minutes before it started snowing. (I also got home in an hour unlike last month when it took 4 hours).
Our final winter event is on February 20th from the Royal Oak at Staveley near Knaresborough and Tim Evans has planned another challenging course. Hopefully it will be drier than it looks on some of the photos he has sent me from his planning rides.

6 thoughts on “Stillington Results

  1. Karen

    I decided to head west from the start picking up the following controls.
    8,14,12,6,20,30,19,2,26,10 arriving back 6 minutes late. Had designs on 18 but felt that was too risky. Thanks to everyone who assisted with the event.

  2. Adrian Parker

    Route as requested for Adrian and Luke Parker. It was a good idea to fit slick tyres last night having looked at the map posted on the website. Route: 16,1 (probably an inefficient start), 13,23,12, 6, bridleway to 20 – not a good move considering our tyre choice – standing water and mud – a bit of running involved), 30,19,2,26,22,9,15 (at which point we had 3 minutes of the 2 hours remaining),27 and finish with 12 minutes of penalties.

    We now agree that the correct score is 250 (275-25), and that we obviously cannot add up.

    Thank you to the planner for setting an interesting course.

    Adrian and Luke

    1. David Day

      The wind last Saturday was always going to be important, the choice was to start & finish with a following wind or a head wind, I chose the former but am not sure it resulted in the best route. I went 18, 27, 15, 17, 28, 5 (the 1 hour point), 25, 21, 9 (I looked like being late at this stage), 10, finish bang on 2 hours – just made it! Thanks to David Lloyd for planning & Steve Willis for organising.

  3. rikoshea

    Thanks to all involved in making the event happen, the only downside was that I was only able to cover a small area due to Ewan riding with me. It was his first event without the use of a trailer or tag along so I was super impressed that he managed 10km, especially after riding into a headwind. We just took to the quiet lanes and bridleways to do a loop anticlockwise to Huby and back stopping for a snack along the way.

  4. Phill Collings

    My route was 16, 1, 8, 14, 23, 12, 6, 20 (via the bridleway), 30, 19, 2, 26, 10 & 18 getting back 4 minutes late. Really enjoyed the day, thanks to Dave and Steve.

  5. stevewillis3 Post author

    Here is Steve & Andrea’s route
    Anti Clockwise, out into the wind.
    16 , 1, 13, 23, 12, 6, seduced by first bit of tarmac, North on bridleway passing thru small lake, big mistake to 20, 30, 19, 2, 26 (actually 400m further East at top of hill) 10, mad dash home just before the sleet and snow.


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