Terrrington results & planner comments

Apologies for the delay in posting the results, you’ll find them here. And the map with controls is here

Planner comments from Karen Clark

Terrington MBO March 2016

Terrington MBO March 2016

Planning started before Christmas and the very wet winter did provide its challenges. The tracks had improved in the recent spell of dry weather. However, at the bottom of slopes particularly north of 59 remained very wet. A few more days of dry weather would make for some very fast riding. The aim was to try and offer lots of choices from the start and judging by the time spent by riders at the start we achieved this.

I hope you had the chance to admire some of the very fine views in this area of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The views  from the bridleway that runs east to west south of controls 35 and 53 are one of my favourite memories of this area. Comments at the finish were very favourable.

To those that had problems with 57 I can only apologise that on the final check of the map I missed it had been marked to the north of where I had planned it to be. Those that mentioned the problem to Geoff will have been credited with the score.

The provision of spot prizes seemed to go down well with six prize tags been located at the controls. I hope you enjoyed the chocolates and wine.

I would like to thank all the helpers who contributed to the event.   Jens produced another excellent map. Geoff and Frank did not have rides on the day but were still prepared to come along and contribute. Steve Roberts helped me with the initial planning and drew the final version of the map that went to Jens.  I was especially grateful to the control collectors I would have struggled to get all the controls in. As it was the last few were collected in the dark. I took a full day on Friday to get most of the controls out with the last few going out early on Saturday. Without the help of my husband Richard it would have been a tough task.

Terrington village hall made an excellent venue especially as parking was available on site. The hall caretaker couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you for observing the no muddy cycling shoes notices  –  it made tidying up a lot easier.

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5 thoughts on “Terrrington results & planner comments

  1. Ray Morriss

    Bit late now i imagine, but i have just noticed that control 36 had not logged onto my dibber, sure it beeped, but hey ho.

  2. Jeff Harris

    Hi Karen, really enjoyed the event thanks very much, just looking at the routes taken by other riders, did anybody else notice there are two #53 on the map?

  3. Timothy Evans

    I visited both and the one in the SE corner was obviously 58 and worth 30 points as I have just found by checking my results clearly not checking control numbers . I really enjoyed the challenge, I had spotted the map was a similar size to 4 years ago but only 3 hours not 4 and Mr windrum didn’t clear up then so I knew careful route planning at the start was essential. I found the soft ground warnings helpful so thanks for your hard work planning and riding all the tracks to find this out. TIM

  4. Steve Willis

    Thanks to Karen and Richard for organising an excellent event. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll amend the results for any riders who had problems with the duplicate or wrong control when we get back from the Alps – and add Michael Nayler’s score. Hopefully see you at Scawton next month.


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