Hambleton results now available

IMG_2748 IMG_2747You’ll find the results from Saturday’s event by clicking here, or going to the ‘results’ page




A great event, helped by the window of sunny weather – full report on Monday, map with controls below.

2016 Wass and White Horse 25000 Working Drawing with Controls 30th March

6 thoughts on “Hambleton results now available

  1. Ray Morriss

    Great day, thanks to all involved, worried to much about the climb at the finish, should have taken more of a chance.

  2. Ceri Williams

    Many thanks to all. Really enjoyed my ride. There were some great views. (And yes, I know if I hadn’t been looking at them I might have scored more!)

  3. Graham Tibbot

    Great to ride in a new part of the world and that the course took in some well hidden historical sites that I didn’t know existed. I found the most difficult choice of the day was right at the start, where the 4 controls in the north east corner were sited. I took a gamble and went for the 30 pointer up the greasy slope before going round on road- looking at the split times it just about paid off but later on I couldn’t match the fast and mistake-free ride of our winner..

  4. Jack Aspden

    Fully enjoyed the event despite having to get off & walk twice. Fitness, thankfully is returning slowly. Thanks to everyone involved for their efforts.

  5. stevewillis3

    Glad you all enjoyed your ride so thanks to Michael for an excellent course.
    We’ve had friends here since I got back so I’ll add my comments tomorrow.
    Thanks to Jens for another excellent map and Karen & Richard, Tim & Ed, Dave and Ray for helping Michael collect the controls.


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