Blank map for Stainforth now available

Our next NYMBO event is at Stainforth on Saturday May 14th, and you’ll find the blank map below – it looks like an excellent course!

Event Centre: GR 820 673 Knight Stainforth Caravan Park BD24 0DP At the hamlet of Knight Stainforth, 3 miles north of Settle on the minor road that runs up the west side of the valley (the small bridge is not recommended for anything larger than small cars!)

REGISTER 8.30 – 9.45 START 09.00 – 10.00

Flier #03 – Three Peaks Flier

Click here for the map if it’s not showing below

Entry online here by Wednesday

2016 Stainforth 50000 Working Drawing without Controls 26th April

2016 Stainforth 50000 Working Drawing without Controls 26th April

8 thoughts on “Blank map for Stainforth now available

  1. nymbo Post author

    Cheers Ray, for some odd reason the map wasn’t showing on the homepage, but it was there as you discovered. Now I’ve added a link, and all seems fine. Typical!

  2. stevewillis3

    It’s Monday night and we’ve only got 27 pre-entries so I hope you’re all going to enter in the next 48 hours so that Jens prints enough maps

  3. stevewillis3

    Thanks to Alex for an excellent course, Congratulations to Graham Tibbott on his winning score and thanks to the helpers – especially the control collectors. Full report tomorrow.


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