Wykeham & Broxa Comments

Wykeham & Broxa Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Jeff Harris for an excellent course in these 2 mature forests separated by the steep sided Derwent Valley. The wet winter and spring followed by a mild, damp summer meant that the vegetation had grown vigorously so some of the tracks were quite overgrown so that I can still feel the effects of the thistles and nettles. Also, most of the smaller tracks were soft so the going was tougher than usual. However, none of this stopped Graham Tibbot from visiting all bar one of the controls!!

Thanks as ever to Jens for another excellent map, Geoff Moorhouse, Karen Blackburn and John Dixon for helping on the day and Tim Evans, Edwyn Oliver-Evans, Adrian Parker, Michael Brough, Dave Evans and Graham Tibbot who collected the controls after they had finished.

Congratulations to Graham Tibbott and the other leaders were Andrew Windrum M40, Mark Rowley M50, Roger de Faye M60, Sheila Pearce W40, Jill Ellison W50, Clare de Faye W60, Angela & Tony Brand Barker X50 and Chris & Roy Partington (Gen). You can follow their routes using the splits file and course map on the NYMBO site.

I enjoyed my ride despite the mud and nettles but just stayed in Wykeham Forest so that I didn’t have the dubious pleasure of the byway at Thompson’s Stepping Stones.

The next NYMBO events are on the August Bank Holiday weekend at Malham and Dalby. On Saturday, 27th August, Geoff Moorhouse and I have planned a course based on the best of the controls used over the last 6 years. On Monday, 29th August you can sample Dave Lloyd’s excellent course in Dalby Forest which is also part of the Eborienteers White Rose weekend.

Hope to see you at another event soon


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