NYMBO League after 7 events

Here is the updated league after Malham & Dalby.

LEAGUE 2016 after 7 events

There are some familiar names in the lead in many of the classes but some serious competition still to be sorted in M50, M60 and W60.

Thanks to John Dixon for working it all out.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions

4 thoughts on “NYMBO League after 7 events

  1. Dennis Jaques

    I’ve just checked the totals for the top 3 in M60 and they are all appear to be incorrect. Strange as the totals cell for each rider should be the sum of the the riders result cells to the right, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    Hi Dennis
    It’s only your best 5 scores so I think Ray, John and your scores are correct but David Day should only have 318.7 points making you third. I’ll let John know so that he can change the master copy.
    Cheers, Steve

  3. reg0805

    I’m not sure that the scoring arrangement for planners being different to the other riders is well known.
    This year, planners get their best 4 PLUS an average of those 4 to make 5 qualifying scores. I only introduce this after 5 or 6 events so the effect is less dramatic. Imagine after the first event, the planner might score 84% but x5/4 makes it 105%!
    In years when it might be best 6 from ? the rule would be best 5 x6/5
    A planner with 5 consistent scores might notice a slight benefit but one with a variable set of scores will do better. For example: 90 88 87 87 86 would be 438 or 440 but 95 89 87 83 74 comes out as 428 or 442.5
    But planning an event instead of riding it in an area that you may be familiar with might mean you forfeited a good scoring opportunity?At the moment the league doesn’t identify the planners but I will send Steve a copy with this added. I should have done it when I introduced the modified formula to calculate the “Best of .. ”
    John D


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