NYMBO League Positions

Here is another updated league after the OMM Bike weekend with one event to go at Nidderdale on Sunday, 9th October

Apologies to Rik Thompson, Karen Blackburn, James Annan & Julie Hargreaves and Max Vesty for getting their scores wrong


7 categories have already been decided except for the minor places but there will be some keen competition in M50 M70 W60 and X50 so hope to see you there

Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions

5 thoughts on “NYMBO League Positions

  1. jamesannan

    I’m not sure what cat we are supposed to be, x40 or tandem…currently we have a result in each! x40 seems most sensible really..Clive and Sarah George were also on a tandem at Stainforth. Should be at Nidderdale BTW.

  2. stevewillis3 Post author

    Thanks Karen. It should have been 60%. Thanks James, I’ve amended my copy so you are 3rd in X40 with 106. I’ll let John Dixon know so that he amends the scores before Nidderdale

  3. stevewillis3 Post author

    Hi Rik
    Sorry about that. I’ll let John know and change my copy and post an update this afternoon. You’re now second in M40 and can’t catch Andrew Windrum but less than 20 points ahead of the next 4 riders so good luck at Nidderdale


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