What was your favourite event to ride this year?

if you can cast your mind back to Terrington in March maybe that’s the event you’d choose?

Or perhaps the sunshine that made the Stainforth, Dalby Forest and even the last event at Nidderdale just a bit more pleasant?

Perhaps you only rode one or two events this year so have made selection easy?

Whatever your reason, please vote for your favourite event  this year and add any comments that might help plan next years events.

Usually I prefer a forest event, but having either missed a few this year it’s a toss up between Stainforth and Nidderdale…. where I found these sheep blocking my path.

Poll is open until Friday November 11th, please cast your vote by then.



5 thoughts on “What was your favourite event to ride this year?

  1. Graham Tibbot

    I prefer the 5 hour events which maybe adds bias to the decision but the Dales are always a great place to ride a bike. I liked the choice of checkpoint locations which added a bit extra to it, obviously there was the sink hole, quarry and kiln, but the view of the three peaks from the most southernly 30 pointer was fantastic.

  2. Brendon Smurthwaite

    I prefer the forest events and I felt like I’d made good route choices and no searching for elusive controls on the day. I thought the friendly atmosphere was enhanced by runners and riders being on the course together.

  3. Tim Evans

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the ones that I did, hard to make a choice but the kiln and the quarry clinched it, together with a tea room at the end. I like a mix of open moor and forest

  4. rikoshea

    For me day 2 of the OMM Bike which started with Glaisdale and Rosedale Moors with blue skies, Great fryup Dale to the right and then a view South over what looked like the rest of the world, beautiful, just beautiful.


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