Cropton Forest Results

Results from today’s superb event at Cropton Forest are here (updated Sunday 19th March 20:33)

Let me know if any problems, report to follow later.

Control map below

2 thoughts on “Cropton Forest Results

  1. Jackie Aspden

    Thanks everyone – great venue and planning. Felt welcomed by so many in my new way of life. Jens – should have really looked at your map embellishments before having a bike push! Perhaps that bit blew my mind as not long after I decided that 12.17 + three hours meant 14.17 – (senior or blonde/grey moment?) – panicked and dashed for home + missing a road junction!
    Hoping I can get used to the effects of hormones & get brain & body in sync but really just thankful that I can still ride events, meet the great people involved and be accepted.
    Regards Jackie

  2. Tim Evans

    Thanks for an excellent course which made good use of the hard tracks, had plenty of route choice and by adjusting the area seemed to make a difference to previous events in this location. Thoroughly enjoyed my ride.



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